Call of Duty: Zombies now cut down to $4.99 with all DLC maps unlocked for FREE

Call of Duty: Zombies (previously known as Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies) was a surprise release back in late autumn 2009. To all of you not in the know, CoD Zombies is the hidden gameplay mode of the full-scale Call of Duty: World at War, where you have to hold of wave after wave of zombies coming at your bunker. I very much enjoyed the game, as I pointed out in my review:

In short, Activision threw in the pot the simple and addictive gameplay, lots of weapons, great graphics and performance, excellent controls that will satisfy all tastes, topped it with multiplayer, online leaderboards and achievements and have essentially cooked up a masterpiece. Using the tilt controls, twisting my iPhone left and right and frantically avoiding the zombies was probably the most fun I’ve had with an iPhone game for a long time. The only downer is the $9.99 price tag, but the game is more than worth it.

And the publisher later kept adding maps to it via DLC, expanding the gameplay with added weapons, zombies and other elements. The only sticking point has been the price, at a whopping $9.99 for the base game with one map included and $4.99 for each additional one.

Well, rejoice all of you, zombie haters – Activision has just not only cut down the price of the base game by half, but in the most recent update has unlocked all three additional maps for FREE. Yes, I feel bad for all those, who spent their cash on the maps already, but for everyone else this is a stunning opportunity to get a superb title for pocket change.

Here is what’s new with the latest update:

• The Der Riese map
• Unlocking of maps Verruckt and Shi No Numa, previous available only as DLC
• New Zombie variants
• Zombies can climb ledges
• Better Zombie AI (for crowd situations in big open rooms)
• Teleporters: power them up and link them
• Monkey Bombs: attract nearby zombies, to give you some breathing space
• The Pack-A-Punch machine, to upgrade your weapons
• Pack-A-Punch upgrade effects to all weapons: more damage, ammo capacity and special abilities
• New achievements

Call of Duty: Zombies Activision Publishing, Inc., Call of Duty: Zombies, 50.37MB – $4.99

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