Apple TV specs uncovered – more of a powerhorse than expected!

Ever since Steve announced the new and improved Apple TV during the September event everyone has been speculating on the actual specs of the new device. As soon as the 4.2 betas started posting it became clear that this hockey puck of a set-top box is indeed running iOS. But what about the hardware?

Apple TVs have just started shipping and the guys over at iFixit have already taken one apart to find (unsurprisingly) an A4 chip and (suprisingly) a whopping 8GB of internal storage and 256MB of RAM. Yep, this tiny black box has enough juice to rival both the Jesus tablet and the latest iPod Touch.

Even better, since the Apple TV is running iOS it has recently been confirmed that it will be fully susceptible to jailbreaking, thus allowing power users to make full use of this God given space. Yep, lots of room for those Cydia apps!

And while most users are still waiting for their own black box with the Apple logo, enterprising folks have managed to launch Lowtide – the Apple TV equivalent of Springboard – on a latest gen iPod Touch. Of course the graphics quality is far below par, since the interface is clearly not designed for the Retina display, but it gives some ideas of what to expect from the beloved “hobby” of Steve Jobs. Enjoy the video:

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