10 New App Store Games To Watch [Sep 20 – 26]

This week I went a little heavier on the iPad games because you guys need some lovin’ too, but there’s still some pretty cool selections for the small screen iDevice wielders as well.  Making a big splash this week is the second entry in Gameloft’s hit crime simulation series, Gangstar: Miami Vindication.  For the “we want Facebook type games” crowd there’s Ngmoco’s next freemium offering, We City.  Sports fans can sink their teeth into Real Soccer 2011, which even intrigues me despite the fact that I’m more of a couch potato than an athlete.  Finally, for the cooking freak that would like something a bit more grown up than Cooking Mama there’s Hell’s Kitchen Vs. HD, the game that lets you get insulted by Gordon Ramsey and steal ingredients from your opponent.  Bon Appetite!

Zammoth – Zammoth is a turn based strategy game that is apparently inspired by chess, though given the hexagon shaped tiles and general layout of the combat arena I’m guessing those who aren’t real familiar with chess needn’t worry too much.  The game pits the lucky survivors of a poisonous meteor attack against their not so luck mutant brethren who have finally decided to surface and demand war.  There are 7 maps across terrains like desert, grasslands and snow, and 9 available characters to use during combat.  The game supports multiplayer via Bluetooth or Game Center, so those with right devices / OS needn’t be in the same room to engage in combat.  Future updates promise new maps, new characters and achievements, so it sounds like there’s a lot to look forward to as well.

Zammoth MayWe Gamestudio, Zammoth, 14.0 MB – $0.99

We City – If We Rule and We Farm weren’t enough for you, now you can take on SimCity Ngmoco style with We City.  As this type of game tends to go, your goal is simply to build the best city you can.  Choose from a number of different types of buildings to populate your landscape, and if you don’t like what you’ve got then re-zone and try again.  For additional content you can build a college and get your inhabitants to study up so you can unlock new building types.  Visit your friends’ cities and place orders with their businesses to earn experience for your own city.  As always there is the promise of regularly updated content.  Just keep in mind that you must have an active internet connection to play this game.  At least it’s free unless you want to make some IAP to speed the building process along.

We City ngmoco, Inc., We City, 32.7 MB – Free
We City for iPad ngmoco, Inc., We City for iPad, 31.9 MB – Free

Real Soccer 2011 – I’m no sports aficionado, but this sounds like a pretty sweet soccer game.  The game boasts 350 teams across 14 leagues, with a high percentage of real life players’ names used thanks to the FIFPro license.  On your own you can play a season through Club Master mode or play as an individual team member in Enter The Legend.  If you prefer human competition you can play against your friends in WiFi or Bluetooth modes.  For more realism, replay a famous match from soccer history to see if you can alter the outcome.  The graphics are optimized for iPhone 4 Retina display, and motion capture technology provides players with smooth movement.  Online playerbase updates make sure you’re always using the latest info, and YouTube uploads of replays let you visually brag to your friends.  This appears to be the game that any soccer fan would want.

Real Soccer 2011 Gameloft, Real Soccer 2011, 227 MB – $6.99

Dink Smallwood HD – This RPG certainly isn’t going to trump games like Rimelands or Zenonia.  The game originally came out in 1997, and this is a remastered port for the iPhone / iPad.  In a world where dragons roam the land and knights fought for honor, you play Dink Smallwood, a pig farmer thrust into a journey he did not ask for.  The engine has been updated for the iDevice world, and you have the option of using a virtual d-pad or dragging things around to accomplish what you desire.  The graphics have been given a boost to support Retina display and iPad native resolutions, and the CD soundtrack has been completely remastered.  What will be truly interesting, however, is to see if this or any subsequent version of the iOS port supports DMODs, which give the users the ability to write their own Dink Smallwood adventures.  That would definitely give Dink Smallwood HD an edge.

Dink Smallwood HD Robinson Tech, Dink Smallwood HD, 58.1 MB – $2.99

Hell’s Kitchen VS HD– I don’t think I’ve ever seen a full episode of this show, but I must admit the premise behind it is amusing.  I’m not sure that the game version could really capture the thrill of the show, but I suppose for those who are big fans it might suffice.  What makes this version interesting is the fact that you can play two players simultaneously on the same device.  Not only that, but you can actually steal ingredients from your opponent!  That feature alone could make this version of the game worthwhile.  Of course, the fact that you can use both hands to drag multiple things to multiple places at the same time is also pretty cool, though you better not try that while holding the device.  And, for those who don’t get enough punishment in real life, they’ve thoughtfully included Gordon Ramsey’s commentary throughout the process.

Hell's Kitchen VS â„¢ HD Ludia, Hell’s Kitchen VS â„¢ HD, 55.8 MB – $3.99

Monsters Love Gum – Here’s an iPad game you can play with up to four people that’s family friendly and looks to be loads of fun.  If you remember the old game Hungry Hungry Hippo then the game play might feel a bit familiar.  Instead of marbles, however, you’re trying to acquire gum.  And this isn’t just some pacifist thing where you try and chomp the gum and mind your own business.  Instead you get bombs, stuns, hammers and kamikaze pigeons to help thwart your fellow players.  There are two different modes of game play and a built in tournament scoring system to keep you busy, and there’s even some sophisticated AI for those who want to go solo.  The graphics look charming, and now you can make the iPad the center of your family night as well.

Monsters Love Gum SORTA PRECISION, Monsters Love Gum, 39.0 MB – $2.99

Aciago – This one really came out of nowhere.  It’s a 3D adventure where you’re trapped on an island without a ship and you must find you’re way off.  All you have is your trusty cutlass, your wits and your iDevice to navigate your player around.  The game sports high quality 3D environments and characters, and supports native iPad resolution as well.  There is also in depth lighting and water effects as well as ambient music to heighten the experience.  An intuitive AI should make the combat feel right at home, and a progressive save system will make sure you’re not constantly repeating large chunks of the adventure. Can you find your way off the Isle of Aciago?

Aciago Robin Bennett, Aciago, 35.9 MB – $0.99

PipeRush – I realize there is a huge selection of “connect the pipe” games on the App Store, but this one sounded like it had enough going for it to set it out from the pack.  You play Pippa, and you must ensure that the citizens of your town get the water they need.  There are 15 different types of pipes, some of which provide you with power ups to help you build your pipeline.  Unwanted pipes can be fed back into the machine that generates them or blown up with dynamite.  On the down side, aliens, earthquakes and banks of fog will impede your process.  Crystal integration gives you 20 achievements to earn, as well as the ability to compete with other players for high scores.  The main concern at this point is that there are only 15 levels, but hopefully that will grow over time if enough people express interest in the game.

PipeRush Clickgamer, PipeRush, 11.0 MB – $0.99

Go Native! – Go Native is a trivia game with a couple of differences.  First of all, you can play the game online with up to 30 players participating in a game at once!  It also appears that you aren’t competing to answer the same question first, but rather to be the first person to answer the same set of questions the fastest.  You have to avoid traps and collect the most coconuts in order to reach Princess Mango first.  The other thing that sounds really cool is that the questions are constantly updated as players submit their own questions and answers, which means the variety of questions should be overwhelming at some point.  Go Native sounds like it might bring the same wacky fun to trivia games that You Don’t Know Jack did in the 90s.  Are you ready to prove that you’re smarter than the world?

Go Native! Loopycube Software, Go Native!, 15.4 MB – $0.99

Gangstar: Miami Vindication – I’d say this is Gameloft’s answer to Grand Theft Auto, and this follow up to Gangstar: West Coast Hustle looks to be one intense portable crime simulation, with over 75 different missions for you to take on during the course of the game. You’ll do everything from infiltrating gangs to escorting witnesses to safety, and you’ll even have to rumble with the Miami PD and possibly the FBI.  In addition to some snazzy weapons you’ll get to drive everything from a motorcycle to a helicopter!  The storyline was co-developed by a scriptwriter from the crime drama “The Wire”, so it will probably have a lot of edge to it.  Miami is faithfully recreated in stunning 3D, with fully optimized Retina display graphics for you iPhone 4 owners.  Incredible voice acting helps bring the world to life as well.  I’m not much for this style of game play, but Miami Vindication even sounds cool to me.

Gangstar: Miami Vindication Gameloft, Gangstar: Miami Vindication, 381 MB – $6.99

Here are several more notable App Store releases:

That’s it for another week of iPhone / iPad gaming.  As always, if you’ve played something that came out in the past week and you think it should be on this list, feel free to leave a comment in reply to this post.

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