Miriel the Magical Merchant in Review – A Time Management that’s pure magic

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Miriel the Magical Merchant from Gamehouse is a time management game in the same vein as the like of Diner Dash and Sally’s Salon. In this particular game you play as Miriel, an “ordinary girl with extraordinary powers” who’s charged with the ever important task of running her family business and supplying her kingdom with food supplies.

Customers come to the shop and stand at the counter. Soon, they’ll decide what they want and you must begin preparing it as quickly as you can. The more quickly you serve a customer, the more money you’ll earn. Some items are simplistic and you just have to tap once to make them appear on the serving table. Others, however, are more complicated. For example, you may have to put two bottles of milk in the oven to make cheese, or add a strawberry to a cake to make strawberry cake, and so on. Naturally, the more complicated a recipe, the longer it will take to create, so make sure you’re keeping the customer happy – otherwise they’ll disappear and you’ll lose their money!

The idea of the game is you serve all your customers as quickly as possible throughout the level to earn the maximum possible points. If you don’t earn enough, you won’t pass the level. As well as merely passing, you can also get an extra bonus if you acquire enough points.

As in most games of this ilk, all of your customers have different profiles. Some are more patient than others. This means it makes more sense to keep the more patient customers waiting and serve the impatient ones first, because if they walk out, you’ll lose points. It’s a fine balancing act to keep everybody happy whilst making bread, cheese, cakes and more as fast as you can.

It doesn’t take long for one to realize that this is a really fun game. The graphics are simple but attractive, and the sound effects and music are great. They’re there, but not overpowering, so you can simply get on with playing the game without finding the sounds distracting.

Dotted between some of the levels is the opportunity to upgrade your kitchen equipment, for example your ovens, your table and a gramophone to help keep the customers happy. To upgrade, you must successfully play a minigame – which is essentially a match three game. It’s good fun and helps to break up the gameplay of the main levels, giving you a nice break from slaving over a hot stove.

As a totally peculiar added bonus, the game also includes real life recipes. If you successfully unlock recipes for various things that you create and serve during the game, you’ll be able to view a recipe which you can use to make things in real life! I’ve seen this done in games before but if I’m honest, I certainly wouldn’t dream of using this function, and I’m sure many people feel the same.

Overall, Miriel the Magical Merchant is a blast to play. There are tons and tons of gameplay to be had, which is fantastic considering the price of the game ($0.99). The only downside is that it isn’t particularly challenging. I managed to get the ‘Expert’ achievement on each level first time round – and I was never in any danger of failing a level. I think it could have been made that little bit more difficult in order to keep people interested.

That said, I’d still recommend the game to casual gamers, purely because it’s good fun, will keep you occupied for a good long while and it’s a total bargain at this price. For those with an iPad and can’t get enough of Miriel, Miriel the Magical Merchant HD is also available at the App Store.


App Summary
Title: Miriel the Magical Merchant Developer: Gamehouse
Reviewed Ver: 1.00 Min OS Req: 2.2.1
Price: $0.99 App Size: 17.8 MB
  • Nice graphics
  • Good quality music and sound effects
  • Fun gameplay
  • Tons of levels
  • Fun minigame
  • Excellent value
  • Little replay value
  • Not overly challenging


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