Freebies Roundup: Galaxy on Fire 3D, Deer Hunter 3D and more Free for a limited time

The weekend is just around the corner and what better way to start it off than by downloading some quality App Store titles for FREE! In celebration of FISHLABS’ upcoming sequel Galaxy on Fire 2, their hit Galaxy On Fire 3D (TMA Review) has been given the paid–>free treatment. Released back in 2009, G.o.F remains to this day one of the best space shooters on the iDevice thanks to its great graphics, spot on controls and 20+ hours of gameplay. Even if you remotely enjoy Space Sims, this is one freebie you don’t want to miss out on. Staying in the “3D” realm, Glu’s Deer Hunter 3D is now also free. Based on the best-selling PC hunting game from Atari, this iPhone reincarnation is true to the original and sports plenty of different weapons (some of which are IAP) and realistic visuals.

More freebies can be found within, but as always, be sure to hurry as some of price drops are only good for a very limited time!

Galaxy on Fire 3D

iPhone Screenshot 2

Galaxy on Fire™ is an epic space shooter combined with a trading simulation and sci-fi RPG elements. In a huge galaxy of hundreds of planets and space stations, you take on the role of a mercenary with the Terran Armed Forces in the fight against the aggressive alien Vossk. After first demonstrating your skills doing some donkeywork, you are quickly lured to escort and combat missions. Captured goods you can use in the trading system to equip your spaceship with dozens of different weapons, shields, and drives. During the course of the story, which is accompanied by lots of dialogues and animated 3D cutscenes, you encounter shady characters over and over again, offering sometimes dubious, sometimes extremely lucrative missions. In survival mode, you must face a horde of enemy fighters and hang on as long as possible. Every enemy destroyed provides you with points and new energy, while ‘combos’ result in many more points.

Galaxy On Fire™ 3D Marc Hehmeyer, Galaxy On Fire™ 3D (TMA Review), 17.7 MB – Free

Deer Hunter 3D

iPhone Screenshot 3

Download the best-selling hunting game of all time, and set your sights on deer, moose, bighorn sheep, bears, turkeys, and more in 30 scenic 3D environments. Brave changing seasons and weather conditions. Unlock new weapons, skills, and hunts by bagging the biggest kills.

For the first time ever, you can view your proudest hunting moments in an interactive trophy room where you can view bullet trajectory, the exact position of your animal when killed, and any relevant bonus points earned for vitals, antler points, and cover. Based on the hit PC hunting game from Atari, Deer Hunter 3D is as real as it gets.

Deer Hunter 3D Glu Games, Deer Hunter 3D, 38.0 MB – Free

Donut Ninja

iPhone Screenshot 1

Donut Ninja – Tappi Bear Game Series 03
Support iOS4 Game Center Leaderboard and Achievement Points!!

Tappi Bear, the enemies are coming!
Show me your courage, feed them with Donuts!
Ninja Showdown!!

Donut Ninja - Tappi Bear Hong Fai Wong, Donut Ninja – Tappi Bear, 4.7 MB – Free

Apache Strike: Desert Storm

iPhone Screenshot 2

Apache Killer is a type of horizontal shooting game, the player control a helicopter to attack the enemy. There are kinds of tanks, cars in the ground, and other plane in the space, the enemy can fire the bullet and missile, so you should control the helicopter avoid collision with the enemy, in the same time, you should collect the supply package fall down from the space to extend your life. Enter the game right now and enjoy the pleasure of the game.

Apache Strike: Desert Storm Qiao Jin, Apache Strike: Desert Storm, 7.3 MB – Free

Vesta Dice

iPhone Screenshot 1

Vesta Dice is a new relaxing puzzle game with a fresh idea for your mind-banding fun. Try to beat the clock and complete all tasks in this original dice game. Basic idea is simple. You have to switch neighboring dice to create scoring combinations and you have to do it fast ‘cause the clock is ticking.

Gameplay innovation comes from a clever dice lock/unlock system:
– Switching dice locks them so you have to plan your moves very carefully.
– Dice are unlocked when you find a scoring combination. This attribute is controlled by another original element – check buttons.
– Check buttons give you the strategic advantage of picking the right time to unlock your dice.

Vesta Dice Vesta sp. z o.o, Vesta Dice, 11.6 MB – Free

Cannon Cadets

iPhone Screenshot 3

Cannon Cadets, the hot new physics game from the people that brought you #1 hits Little Metal Ball and Marine Sharpshooter! 80 beautifully illustrated levels, addictive gameplay and lots of re-playability are just a few reasons why Cannon Cadets is the new must have game!

– 80 beautifully illustrated levels
– 4 playable characters (RocketBoy, RocketGirl, Pop, and Granati)
– Hidden Bonus Levels
– Amazing game physics including hinged and moving objects, and complex levels that would delight even Rube Goldberg and Heath Robinson

Cannon Cadets XMG Studio Inc., Cannon Cadets, 84.8 MB – Free


iPhone Screenshot 1

Charmed will captivate you with amazing gravity-twisting, Charm-matching action across 40 unique levels! Rotate your iDevice in all 4 orientations to change the direction of gravity! Play it once and you’ll be hooked!

Earn over 30 achievements and enjoy bragging rights and compare scores with your friends on the global OpenFeint leaderboards.

Charmed Mind Juice Media Inc., Charmed, 11.6 MB – Free

Talking Heads

iPhone Screenshot 5

Ever want to create and share your own Parody Movies? Would you like hear your own voice spoken back to you by a cast of funny characters? If you can talk, you can make fun movies with voice effects!

Record your voice and change it with the high quality morphing then use one or more Talking Headz to put on a memorable video show. Create entire movies using multiple Talking Headz and then share them with your friends via Email, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.

Talking Headz Gigabyte Solutions, Talking Headz, 9.0 MB – Free

Awesome Solitaire

iPhone Screenshot 2

At long last, a Solitaire game befitting the iPhone. The name says it all: Awesome Solitaire is the slickest take on this classic game you’ll find anywhere.

♥ Realistic 3D motion and awesome effects? Check.
♣ Super sharp visuals and Retina Display support? You know it.
♠ Gyroscope-powered parallax starfield background? Yeah, that’s right.
♦ Great interaction, high-stakes, undo, stats, and more? And how!

Awesome Solitaire Wolter Group, Awesome Solitaire, 6.8 MB – Free


iPhone Screenshot 1

a group of terrorists has broken into MASQ corporation headquarters and taken its employees as hostages. your squad, the best anti-terrorist unit in the world, is called in to take care of business.

things turn out to be more complicated than expected, and as the drama unfolds, you and your team are drawn into the crossfire. clear your mind, steady your sight, and eliminate the terrorist threat…

i Sniper MASQ Interactive Limited, i Sniper, 11.2 MB – Free

Tomb of Qin

iPhone Screenshot 5

Tomb of Qin is a puzzle game from old China. People who want to get into the tomb should settle up not only the dangerous traps but also guardians in the tomb. It is not easy for all of us, but I believe you could make through.

How to Play:
Just put your finger on the guardian and tap it to any directions, it can change their path of moving.
When you finish the setup, pull the lever at the left corner to activate the whole system.
Guardians will go forward until they meet something or hit a wall.
They are obstacles to the treasure finders, so if you want to pass, the only way is let them crash together, or use other traps to destroy them.

Tomb of Qin Tomb of Qin, 24.6 MB – Free
Tomb of Qin HD Tomb of Qin HD, 80.3 MB – Free

Smartypants Gameshow – 80’s Edition

iPhone Screenshot 2

Are you a smartypants?

COMPETE AGAINST OTHERS. Test your knowledge of Movies, Music, TV, and more!
• What did “A.L.F.” stand for in the popular TV show from the 80’s?
• On the movie “Fletch”, how tall was Fletch with the afro?
• Taco had which hit single in 1983?
• Where does Luke engage Darth Vader in a lightsaber battle during “The Empire Strikes Back”?
• In Culture Club’s “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me”, what is burning?

Smartypants Gameshow - 80s Edition Pocket Zebra, Smartypants Gameshow – 80s Edition, 19.1 MB – Free


iPhone Screenshot 4

Play with thousands of flying stars. Watch as stars respond to your fingers, while you pull, push and spin them. Watch as they fall and bounce in response to gravity and the accelerometer. Even make them pulse to a musical beat from the microphone.

Hundreds of configurable options add to the fun.

Gravilocity Gedalia Pasternak, Gravilocity, 5.3 MB – Free


iPhone Screenshot 1

Zippit is an addictive puzzle game that requires quick thinking and a sharp mind! Your objective is to build the solution shape by sliding pieces on the game board. The clock is ticking, so there’s no time to waste! For hours of puzzling fun, you’ve got to try Zippit!

Zippit™ Bapsoft, LLC, Zippit™, 12.9 MB – Free

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