Creatures – THE FIRST BLOOD in Review – The universe is a very dangerous place!

With so many dual-stick shooters out there it’s more and more difficult for a newbie to get spotted. Some developers stake on marketing, others on features, while some simply hope for the best and send their creation off to follow fate’s will. Which one is Creatures – THE FIRST BLOOD from playus soft, one of the most recent additions to the genre?

Creatures is a traditional dual-stick shooter. Mystery surrounds the story of the game (i.e. there is none). You control a space marine of some sort, who’s tasked with destroying hordes of incoming aliens and jumping from portal to portal in order to move onto new levels.

Despite the seemingly traditional gameplay Creatures actually offers a few nifty features to try and separate it from the rest. First of all, there are 2 different level types to play on. One is the traditional survival gameplay with the goal of scoring a preset amount of kills to unlock a portal to the next level. These levels offer the common square map to play on with a few obstacles scattered on it, though the level itself is uncomfortably small. The second type is more defence oriented. You are thrown behind a barrier and have to hold off the baddies for a set amount of time. While they can’t kill you, they can damage the barrier and slowly pushed it back until it pins you to the wall should you be sloppy.

The other nice feature is the array of supporting weapons. Well, array is probably too strongly put. In fact there are only two – a gatling-gun turret and a UFO that generates a slowing field. The main weapon selection is equally limited – you have the common machine gun, shotgun, grenade launcher and railgun. Both of the weapon types can be picked up on the survival levels out of dead enemies.

The technical side is quite nicely done. While the game doesn’t sport Retina graphics, it still looks quite nice and some of the enemies are positively excellently modeled. The interface is a classic dual-stick set up (hence the genre name) and work as well as can be expected. The game fully supports iOS4 multitasking, which is a nice touch, since there are no saves and if you actually quit the game or get killed you’ll have to start from the beginning.

Creatures – THE FIRST BLOOD is a decent dual-stick shooter (even the developers called it that), but doesn’t open any new doors for the genre. It is only worthy to pick up if all you want out of your shooter is Minigore-style gameplay. The absence of any way to save progress, the limited selection of main and supporting weapons make Creatures a chore to play after about the first 5 levels. The variation between the survival and defense stages, along with the original supporting weapons concept does offset it a bit, but it’s far from enough to make the game worth recommending.

With this I declare Creatures – THE FIRST BLOOD officially touched!

App Summary
Title: Creatures – THE FIRST BLOOD Developer: playus soft
Reviewed Ver: 1.01 Min OS Req: 4.0
Price: $0.99 App Size: 24.82MB
  • Nice graphics
  • Original supporting weapons
  • Stages with different gameplay styles
  • Limited selection of weapons and supports
  • No storyline and no way to save progress
  • Boring after the first few levels


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