1 Million iPhones sold in South Korea since November 2009

Just in case you didn’t know, South Korea finally opened its economic borders in 2009. In April, the country finally allowed the first foreign mobile phones into the country. Yes, you read that right: Korea was locked into Korean-only handsets till 2009, a fact that was indicated no more clearly than the completely bass-ackward ergonomics of their handset. In November of the same year, South Korea also opened up to smart phones and later allowed the iPhone into the political island. Yes, you read that correctly – every single legal handset in the country was just that, a dumb phone. Now, after only 9 months on the market, the iPhone has sold 1 million units. In a highly populated nation like South Korea, it’s its easy to bump into iPhone users. 45 million people live in a space smaller than Iceland. A few weeks ago, Korea made the news again with incredible iPhone 4 pre-orders. If anything, we’re starting to see the shackles of anti-competitive industry fall off this nation – hooray!

Thanks Yonhap News

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