Supermarket Management HD in Review – discounting your free time

I’m not sure if I should feel so weak in the knees every time I turn on Supermarket Management HD, but golly I do. Time management games can be fun, but when they are made with as perfect a rhythm and the cutest of graphics as SMHDis , they are the sweetest of high school romances. What follows is a true love story.

There’s no point in hoping for the best storyline. Time Managers are all the same. Similar to Supermarket Mania, in SMHD, you follow the orders of your boss to setup the best market the town has. Along the way, you show him new designs, upgrade the store, run sales, hire new employees and kick parsley. The thing you’ve got to remember is that besides money, your most important resource is your customer. Keep her happy and meet her needs on time, and your coffers will overflow.

... not a family game after all

The hard part is pulling it all off. In order to stock shelves, you have to direct either your avatar or the hired help to the right shelf. Tap tap tap it and you fill it faster. Cakes and sandwich stands require a more hands-on approach. You’ll have to tap the right ingredients in the right order to make the perfect purchase. The basic mechanic is just that: 1. waiting for the right moment, and 2. tapping.

Then sometimes, customers will stand next to the bread section wondering where the bread is – show them the way by dragging them along. If you can manage all of that and keep a cool head, your customers will be happy. Before a new game item, such as sales, comes along, you’ll get helpful tutorial prompts – the rest is up to you to figure out.

You can brag to mates on Facebook about your new scores and achievements if you want, but I can almost guarantee that you’ll be more interested in consolidating your energy for the next level. Supermarket Management HD is mad fun – so mad in fact that I finished over half the game for this review even though The game is basically sussed after a few levels.

The only problems that crap up are intermittent and touchy touch screen problems – particularly in the cheese aisle and at the cashier. Apart from that, I’ve seldom come across such an addictive, impossible-to-put-down title. Supermarket Management HD stands toe to toe with the best of the Time Management genre like Sally’s Salon and Diner Dash. If you don’t have an iPad, try out the iPhone version of Supermarket Management for your own sweetness and light love story!

App Summary
Title: Supermarket Management HD Developer: G5 Entertainment
Reviewed Ver: 1.0 Min OS Req:
Price: $4.99 App Size: 51.33MB
  • cute graphics and sound
  • addictive gameplay
  • lots of upgrades
  • Facebook integration. (Is that a good thing?)
  • overall, great controls (just watch out for the cheese)
  • repetitive (but, that’s time management!)
  • little replay value


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