BlueHole iPhone App Ignites App Store with Deep Sea Adventure Game

New York, New York – BlueHole delivers non-stop action in a game that you won’t put down! The scene of the deep blue ocean, the sensation of descending deeper and deeper with amazing underwater sounds while dodging marine mines, deadly fish, and other obstacles on your quest to set a new record will keep you playing this new iPhone game for hours! Combined with amazing graphics and non-stop action “BlueHole” is a ‘must have’ App for anyone who enjoys games and is looking for the next big game for the iPhone.

Test Your Skills/Challenge Your Friends:
As captain of your underwater craft you start out with a first level submarine with limited armor, speed, and braking capabilities. As you descend deeper and deeper into the ocean you collect points rolling over “coins” of various colors while avoiding the many dangerous mines, sea creatures and rocks. You earn the right to new and more powerful, submarines with greater armor, speed, and braking capabilities when you score more points. Unlock more powers, the deeper you go! Be sure to avoid the whirlpool or your game will be over!

Based loosely on the concept of the bathyscaph Triste, “BlueHole” adds the excitement and challenge of trying to beat it original depth of 11,035m (36,204 ft.) while avoiding all the challenging obstacles.

Easy-to-Play/Addictive Fun:
* Navigate your submarine around obstacles by tilting your phone to the left and right
* Tap the screen repeatedly to brake and slow down your submarine through treacherous spots
* Earn bonus points by hitting objects along your path. Earn extras point after collecting 10 bonus items. You can earn as many as 9 times the normal points by collecting the bonus items.
* Earn the right to use additional submarines when you reach certain score thresholds
* Scoring for health points, brake gauge, bonus counter, and total score displayed at the top of your screen
* Full 3D graphic design, sound, and special effects
* Ocean environment continuously changes as you reach deeper into the bottom of the trench
* New sea monsters appear as you go deeper into the ocean
* Special items including turbo booster and the shield are obtained as you descend deeper and deeper
* Clear over 30 missions to earn OpenFeint achievement rewards

Our Background:
BlueHole is brought to you by the creators of the extremely popular arcade apps “Swine Flu”, “Trap Master”, and “Urban Ducklings”, from Leaders Association, Inc. They have decades of combined experience producing the most action-packed, fun-filled, and challenging iPhone games ever to hit the market.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 4.0 or later
* 17.0 MB

Pricing and Availability:
BlueHole 1.0 is available for worldwide immediate download for the iPhone and iPod touch at the Apple App Store for an introductory price of $1.99 (USD). Regular price is $2.99. For more information about the Blue Hole App, please visit the App Store link below.

BlueHole 1.0
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