Touch ‘n Go: CataGugl – flickin’ fun!

Ladies and gents, it’s Touch ‘n Go time at good ol’ TMA! If the ever was a conspicuous touching game, it would be CataGugl, a … flinckingly fast-paced arcade game of Australian proportions that’ll have your burning circles in your iphone’s glass like a good Swedish craftsman to fling Gugl (hmmm?) as far as you can across your screen. It’s simple to play: just haze frantic ellipses into the glass until the counter hits GO!, then release, and pray. Actually, you will have to deflate the Gugl at certain points in order to send him faster and farther.

CataGugl, CataGugl, 10.13MB – $0.99

Sounds simple, right? On the surface it is. Timing, however, is hard. I’ve never been good at arcade games, so take my results with a cup full of the Dead Sea. CataGugl is hard. Getting Gugl to hit the clouds and then inflate in order to fly further afield is a big chore. He bounces, inhales gas, and flips across the screen till his momentum is gone and it’s all I can do to achieve a personal best scoot of 18 000 metres (admittedly, a sad failure). My wife’s tiny fingers, on the other hand, have hurtled Gugl to 43 000 metres or so. She is my hero.

CataGugl is fun, make no mistake about it. It’s hard and that is good since it takes a long time to master. It isn’t however, a game that you will probably come back to very often unless you really really like cheap thrills. It’s a one-horse race that looks great, sounds great and let’s you compete, but at its current clip, it gets tired fast.

CataGugl, CataGugl, 10.13MB – $0.99

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