Pocket Devil Ch. 12: Little Devils Wreak Havoc On The iPhone Playground

New York, NY – Mischief-Making Minions go “Back to School” in Chapter 12 Update for iPhone and iPad. Eyedip has just announced a Pocket Devil and Pocket Devil HD “Back to School” update with all new content! Summer is coming to an end, but the Underworld and the Mugat2 are inviting users to the schoolyard to come and play… with their eternal souls.

The popular entertainment app, now with brilliant new Retina Display graphics for iPhone 4 owners, allows players to summon hordes of devilish underlings called “The Mugat2.” As their malevolent overseer, players can completely annihilate them, one by one, choosing from a variety of torture methods like the new “iron maiden” themed locker. Points and trophies are also earned in mini-games, including a brand new slingshot game that shoots the little guys straight into heaven!

“It’s incredibly fun to play with the Retina Display graphics, it just looks so rich and brilliant,” says Eyedip Co-Founder Jeremy Adelman. “The school-themed additions make for terrific new features as well.” Co-Founder Steven Fleisher added, “With new mini-games and ways to torture the little guys, it’s hilariously fun!”

Pricing and Availability:
Pocket Devil – Hell Yeah! is available for $0.99 (USD) in the iTunes App Store on iPhone and iPod touch. Pocket Devil HD – Hell Yeah! is available for $2.99 in the iTunes App Store on iPad.

Pocket Devil
iTunes iPhone Link
iTunes iPad Link
iPhone Screenshot (What’s New)
iPhone Screenshot (Locker)
iPad Screenshot (Slingshot Mini-Game)

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