Freebies Roundup: Undercroft, Doodle Flight and more Free for a limited time!

Aside from the ever increasing new entries into the App Store, one thing you can always count on are the heaps of price drops that appear on a daily basis. Earlier today, Chiffan’s Hot Steals and deals post highlighted some awesome $0.99 bargains, including Secret of Monkey Island 12 (heck, even TETRIS is now only $0.99!!). Even better of course are the Freebie deals, which we’ve hand picked for this roundup. Leading the way is Undercroft (TMA Review), one of the most notable old-school RPGs on the iDevice. With 5 hero classes to choose from and over 20 hours of gameplay, fans of the genre mustn’t miss out. Also free is Flight Doodle, an Up there (and high score) type game that’s filled with power ups, colorful visuals and an option to design and customize your own balloon.

Lots more titles that have recently gone from paid–>free can be found after the break. Remember, these deals are only valid for a limited time… so hurry!


iPhone Screenshot 4

Undercroft is a dazzling, epic adventure set in a fantasy world full of magic and monsters. With over 20 hours of addicting game play, dozens of quests and over 60 enemies to defeat. Download the complete game now for FREE!

• 6 epic chapters with over 20 hours of game play!
• Intricate plot with dozens of quests and plenty side quests to gather extra experience!
• Turn-based combat system suitable for well thought out strategic moves as well as for fast fluent attacks!
• 5 hero classes to choose from with a wide variety of skills and spells – Warrior, Mage, Priest, Summoner and Assassin.
• Battle your way through dark dungeons, a maze of forests and snowy mountains!
• More than 750 items and 60 enemies to defeat!

Undercroft Jagex, Undercroft (TMA Review), 18.1 MB – Free

Egypt The Prophecy – Part 3

iPhone Screenshot 3

The story:
Plunge into ancient Egypt and follow Maya, a young magician, who has been ordered by Pharaoh to investigate the strange accidents that have recently occurred at the great obelisk’s worksite. Find out what is standing in the way of your sovereign’s mission. Evade curses and spells, and allow your people to construct one of the great architectural splendors of antiquity to the god Amon-Ra.

The game:
A point-and-click adventure game using 360° views, similar to Jules Verne’s Return to Mysterious Island and Dracula: The Path of the Dragon.
You play the role of a young magician and help her investigate the mysteries of ancient Egypt.

Egypt The Prophecy – Part 3 Anuman, Egypt The Prophecy – Part 3, 537 MB – Free


iPhone Screenshot 1

Gain control of Zorganto, fighting your way against the Bombdroids, with an arsenal of powerful towers.

TriDefense is a new tower defense game with a unique feature: modifiable terrain. This opens a whole new world of possible strategies to win the game. Get engaged with the challenging missions, discover new strategies to fight the new water enemies along the classic air and ground ones, but most of all, have tons of fun!

TriDefense Kalio Ltda., TriDefense (TMA Review), 15.9 MB – Free

Doodle Flight

iPhone Screenshot 3

Flight Doodle is a high-flying, action-packed thrill ride. With uniquely customizable aircrafts, lush, colorful atmospheric settings and visually brilliant doodled art style, it’s full of delightful and light-hearted fun for everyone! Soaring skyward, you gather power-ups and avoid an array of falling objects and enemies as you try to reach new heights. Collect a variety of tools that help you deal with everything from changing weather patterns to falling pushpins. With the tap of a finger, you can shrink your balloon, give it a protective shield, or arm it with explosive shells that blast obstacles!

You can even design their own hot-air balloons using the in-game drawing program.

Flight Doodle EYEDIP, Flight Doodle, 17.0 MB – Free

Moxie 2

iPhone Screenshot 1

First of all, it’s a word game that’s DIFFERENT from anything else you’ll find on the App Store, and that’s by design. We were tired of seeing the same word game themes recycled over and over again…anagrams, Boggle, word finds, and stuff like that. We wanted to make something truly unique, and I think we’ve succeeded. Here are some qualities that I think make Moxie truly special:

* NO PRESSURE. Moxie is not a race. There’s no clock. You can go as fast or as slow as you like.
* QUICK TO PLAY. The average game of Moxie takes less than 5 minutes.
* REWARDS STRATEGIC THINKING. You don’t need a vocabulary the size of Webster’s dictionary to score well. Sure, it helps to know a lot of words, but good old-fashioned strategy will get you a lot farther.

Moxie 2 Blue Ox Technologies Ltd., Moxie 2, 6.2 MB – Free


iPhone Screenshot 4

Hello match-3 puzzle players! We have a toy for you! You will need to match sets of three or more like-colored bubbles to remove them from the board and have points added to your score. Numerous levels, special elements and increasing difficulty will ensure hours of fun. Use bonuses to multiply your score. Experience new and unique game play using special elements.

Adubble Micha Joczyk, Adubble, 8.7 MB – Free


iPhone Screenshot 2

Plunder! Explosive high seas adventure!

Become the scourge of the seven seas in this strategic pirate puzzle arcade game. Use cannons, power-ups, and floating mines to destroy the Royal Navy and plunder their rare treasures. Swashbuckle your way from a lowly Bilge Rat to buxom Buccaneer. Crafty scallywags play for free. Shiver me timbers buckos, hoist yer main sail an get Plunderin!

Plunder! Big Fish Games, Inc, Plunder!, 20.8 MB – Free

Battle Bears: Zombies!

iPhone Screenshot 2

BATTLE BEARS stars OLIVER, a teddy bear stuck behind enemy lines who must fight off unending waves of Pink Bears wishing to HUG HIM TO DEATH.

ALL NEW WEAPONS AND BOSSES will leave you with sore thumbs as you blast away while trying to make sense of this violent-yet-wacky world! Don’t worry, you’ll get a breather with the hilarious cut scene movies that will either make you laugh out loud or have you saying, “What?!”.


Battle Bears GO (iPad Only)

iPad Screenshot 3

BATTLE BEARS GO for iPad is a new action-packed top-down shooter with an awesome two player co-op mode for tons of FUN! Play as OLIVER or RIGGS as you blast away thousands of Huggables trying to HUG YOU TO DEATH.


WeeMee Avatar Creator

iPhone Screenshot 1

☆ Make WeeMees for you and your friends
☆ OVER 300 ITEMS INCLUDED FOR FREE in the app, offering millions of creative combinations
☆ Choose from 44 hairstyles, 92 clothing items, 78 accessories, interest & food items, 26 eyewear styles, 15 themed backgrounds, and more from other categories including makeup and facial hair
☆ NEW! Add even more free and premium items to the app with the Closets feature

WeeMee Avatar Creator WeeWorld, WeeMee Avatar Creator (TMA Review), 8.5 MB – Free


iPhone Screenshot 2

BUMP Your Brain into Gear with a Revolutionary New Puzzle Game!

Alien invaders have imprisoned the cute, bubbly-eyed Bumps and it’s up to you to rescue them! Unlock 9 fantastic mini games like 1&2 player Breakout, 1&2 player Air Hockey, Pinball, Shumps and so much more! Explore colorful landscapes and solve mind-boggling physics-based puzzles in you quest to free the Bumps in this addicting casual game suitable for all! Earn medals and awards in 63 levels of physics fun.

Bumps Darren Spencer, Bumps, 15.8 MB – Free


iPhone Screenshot 1

An addictive new take on a classic math card game! The goal of the game is deceptively simple: make the number 24 using the four given numbers and basic arithmetic — addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

For example, given the numbers 4, 7, 8, 8, one possible solution is: (7-8/8)*4, but it can also be solved as: 8*(4+7-8). Some problems have many solutions, others only one. Some puzzles you’ll solve very quickly… but some are so devilishly difficult they’ll drive you batty!

TwentyFour! Lucid Logic LLC, TwentyFour!, 3.0 MB – Free

Escape from NOM

iPhone Screenshot 2

Meet Alan – a cute little blob of a guy who needs your help to ESCAPE FROM NOM! Problem is, you’ll need to safely guide Alan through a bunch of hungry NOMS who happen to have an appetite for cute little blobs named Alan. What’s a NOM? A NOM is a large, lazy blob with bad teeth and even worse breath. Push Alan off the ledge at the top of your screen down to the pool of colored goo at the bottom without coming into contact with any nasty NOMS. The CATCH: Alan MUST be the same color as the colored goo when he lands there, or he’ll become a slimy splattered mess! Use the bumpers that can change Alan’s color and allow him to safely enter the pool and ESCAPE FROM NOM!

Escape from NOM Glu Games, Escape from NOM, 10.3 MB – Free

Virtual Table Tennis

iPhone Screenshot 1

To celebrate the 1.2.0 release, FREE for a limited time.

You will experience amazingly realistic and gameplay from the original table tennis than ever!

Virtual Table Tennis Wang Xi, Virtual Table Tennis, 9.4 MB – Free

LilRacerz Pro Rally

iPhone Screenshot 1

The #1 Racing game in over 25 countries! The #1 Sports game in over 25 Countries! Over 500,000 players can’t be wrong!

– 34 tracks
– 4 environments, Jungle, Desert, Snow and Tarmac
– 10 unlockable cars with Turbos
– Car Damage, dont crash too much or you’ll find it hard to steer
– Sweet drifting physics
– Stunning retro graphics, mixed with cool 3d effects

LilRacerz Pro Rally Mark Fennell, LilRacerz Pro Rally, 30.9 MB – Free

Fruit Splash

iPhone Screenshot 2

***** Featured by Apple in “New & Noteworthy” *****

Control the gravity by tilting your iPhone! Fruit Splash is a game based on the iPhone´s tilt-control! Connect same Fruits to make them splash to your screen by influencing the gravity!
To have some support and primarily to make it more individual there are different upgrades, which are bought by found leafs during the play! Shrink the “Deathzone” or increase the spawning time! Just customize the game for your needs! Fruit Splash is a perfect game for puzzle and tilt-control lovers!

Fruit Splash Pit Heimes, Fruit Splash, 4.2 MB – Free

Defcon Z

iPhone Screenshot 2

DEFCON Z is a zombie retro arcade game, loaded with action, weapons and raging hordes of undead.
Find your way through infested streets, tunnels and debris. Kill tons of mindless zombies as you fill your screen with blood splatters!

DEFCON Z Monkey Armada, DEFCON Z, 8.9 MB – Free

Catch Cows

iPhone Screenshot 1

What games do you see yourself playing everyday?

Something that you can enjoy wherever and whenever? Something so simple, so easy, that you will have more fun that you can imagine in a minute? CatchCows is just the right game for you. Your job is to separate white, black, and milk cows into their own pastures. The game becomes more difficult as you progress as the cows speed up. Think you have what it takes? Prove your worth now with CatchCows!

Catch Cows Ren Ji Tech, Catch Cows, 2.6 MB – Free

Fly-flap: tap tap battle vs angry cartoons

iPhone Screenshot 2

In this funky time-killer game you must fight with army of angry cartoon-style flies, feed the hungry spiders, use various bonuses and much more!

Different missions of the campaign will take you into the game, which will cure your boredom. You can practice your favorite missions again and again to surprise friends with your incredible high score. Now online global High Score included. Can you be at the top of the world’s leaderboards? NOW compete against your friends and world using OpenFeint online leaderboards!

Fly-flap: tap tap battle vs angry cartoons Astalavista, Fly-flap: tap tap battle vs angry cartoons, 11.3 MB – Free

14-in-1 Casino

iPhone Screenshot 1

Use Your iPhone or iPod Touch to experience all the fun & excitement of 14 classic Las Vegas casino games without ever losing a cent! 14-in-1 CASINO offers authentic casino sounds, life-like animations, and a full cashier where you can control your chip count.

14-in-1 Casino Tim Jensen, 14-in-1 Casino, 8.4 MB – Free

iStart Spanish! (Full Beginner Course)

iPhone Screenshot 2

iStart Spanish! is the only tutor-based Spanish language app on the App Store. Learn Spanish quickly and effectively with this unique app!

This App will take you from scratch all the way to basic conversational level in Spanish. The App contains 50 enjoyable lessons packed with many hours of high quality audio instruction by three language professionals (two native Spanish speakers, one from Spain, the other from Colombia, and an English native tutor for grammar explanations).

iStart Spanish! (Full Beginner Course) by Mirai Language Systems Mirai, iStart Spanish! (Full Beginner Course), 128 MB – Free

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