10 New App Store Games To Watch [Sep 6 – 12]

If you’re into quirky action RPGs with lots of story and even more combat, Gamevil is once again ready to fulfill your needs with Hybrid 2, the sequel to their popular side scrolling hack ‘n slash RPG.  If you’re more into some serene town building there’s Virtual City from G5, one of only a couple competitors to the empire that is SimCity.  On the other hand, if you just feel like wreaking havoc from above you can amuse yourself with Pigeon Squadron, the aerial fowl fighter from I-Play.  Finally, for the nostalgia minded EA offers Lite-Brite, a trip to simpler childhood days when little pegs of glowing light were enough to amaze the most curious of individuals.

Virtual City – I remember spending a lot of my free time in college playing SimCity, yet after all this time there really hasn’t been much competition to the mega-sequeled and spun-off Sim franchise.  Now that’s starting to change at least on the iPhone, and one of the most recent contenders is Virtual City.  This game lets you build the city of your dreams, be it a residential paradise or a highly industrial mega-center.  Virtual City is not just about randomly constructed landscapes, however, as there are 50 distinct levels to play through in locations from Colorado to New York.  You’ll get your choice of 50 different styles of building to construct, as well as 25 types of goods to transport and trade.  16 achievements and several upgrades / buildings to unlock should keep you glued to your device for some time.  If you’ve been looking for the next step beyond SimCity, this just might be it.

Virtual City G5 Entrtainment, Virtual City, 33.8 MB – $2.99

HYBRID 2: Saga of Nostalgia – The sequel to Gamevil’s popular hack ‘n slash RPG has arrived, and it looks pretty slick (see our review for Hybrid: Eternal Whisper).  Once again you take on the persona of Grey, and this time around you’ll travel through multiple dimensions trying to rescue your beloved Fairy.  An epic storyline ties everything together, while massive amounts of unbridled combat keep things exciting in the short term.  For your combat comfort you have some control over the controls, and once you’ve got them to your satisfaction you’ll have access to everything from single hits to extreme multi-hit combos.  200 battlefields, plenty of quests and 2 different game play modes should keep you entertained for quite some time.  Add to that some pretty stylish looking graphics including several neat looking monsters, and this will most likely pass its predecessor in popularity.

HYBRID 2: Saga of Nostalgia GAMEVIL, HYBRID 2: Saga of Nostalgia, 13.2 MB – $4.99

Pigeon Squadron– I find it somewhat amusing that after Apple was so “careful” to include the statement against farting apps in their approval criteria we’re still treated to other manners of bodily functions in our iDevice games.  In this case you get to control one of an elite squadron of pigeons that have decided to get their revenge on humans by defecating all over the place.  Oddly enough, I thought that’s pretty much what pigeons did anyway.  You get to choose 1 of 4 different pigeons to take out your aggressions with, and you’ll use that pigeon to complete 45 fowl missions over cities modeled from the likes of New York, London and Paris.  The controls are simple, the graphics are colorful, and if you don’t like their soundtrack you can create your own with whatever you have available on your device.  The pigeon army wants you, so the question is – do you want it?

Pigeon Squadron I-play, Pigeon Squadron, 30.2 MB – $0.99

LITE-BRITE – I’m not quite sure I actually get the point of this one. I remember having a Lite-Brite when I was a kid, and my kids have one now.  I’m not really quite sure how tapping a screen to make it light up has nearly the same effect as playing with the cool little pegs on a board with a bunch of holes in it, though.  Now I will admit that there’s a huge advantage to not being able to lose the pegs, and it’s pretty cool that you can animate the pictures and send them to your friends.  They even threw in a “time attack” mode so you can see how quickly you can make the pictures light up correctly.  Still, in a way this almost seems as bad a creating a virtual Easy Bake oven.  Guess this is one that’s just for the kids…or not.

LITE-BRITE Electronic Arts, LITE-BRITE, 15.7 MB – $0.99

Megaplex Madness – There have certainly been a variety of different time management games on the iPhone, so why not one that centers around the movie theater?  In Megaplex Madness you’ll have to help revive 5 different theaters across 50 levels of game play.  Bring in tasty treats, the latest arcade games, and killer movies to attract solid business.  You also need to make sure your service is prompt so that people will want to stay and give your theater a good rating.  Excel and you’ll unlock 5 different retro style mini-games for your amusement.  You’ve potentially done everything from baking cakes to mixing potions on your iDevice, but are you up to the task of popping corn and promoting Hollywood?

Megaplex Madness - Now Playing Big Fish Games, Megaplex Madness – Now Playing, 42.9 MB – $2.99

Kinsburg Serving the Crown – This is another in the ever growing collection of board game ports.  You take on the role of overseer of a province, and with the help of the king’s advisors you must make the province be all it can be.  You can play the game solo against computer AI or with up to 4 other friends via the pass ‘n play method.  Kinsburg has me intrigued mainly because the iTunes description is pretty sparse, but also because it really doesn’t look like any board game I’ve ever seen before.  Future updates promise expansions and game play variants that have never before been published, as well as an iPad version, which hopefully will be universal and not a separate application.  I hope their updates also include either a lite version or a more useful iTunes description, because $4.99 is a high price point for a game that isn’t very well explained.

Kinsburg Serving the Crown Tiopi, Kinsburg Serving the Crown, 35.1 MB – $4.99

Great Adventures– This iPad only adventure looks to be a cross between a murder mystery and a Sims game, with a bunch of puzzle solving thrown in the mix.  You select two characters from a cast of six and start your journey as you explore an isolated luxury hotel complex hidden in the mountains.  You believe a scientist has been killed that developed a device capable of doing something great for humankind, and now you must figure out what’s going on and recover the device.  In addition to simply solving the puzzles, however, you must keep your heroes well fed, rested and relaxed so that their performance remains high, or you can expect your tasks to take a lot longer than you’d like them to.  Besides all that there are 15 unique mini-games to play, loads of Crystal achievements to earn, and plenty of items to find and collect.

Great Adventures Chillingo, Great Adventures, 86.8 MB – $2.99

Fly Effect Real 3D – It looks like a racer has come along to give GROUND EFFECT a run for its money in terms of 3D.  Fly Effect takes advantage of the old fashioned 3D glasses technology to bring you your racetracks in stereoscopic 3D if you happen to have a pair of the red / blue spectacles.  If not you can still play the game in 2D, though I have a feeling you’ll be missing out on a lot of the fun.  The initial offering comes with one world comprised of 10 tracks, but the first update will include 2 new worlds, bringing the total track count up to 30.  The game is OpenFeint and Facebook enabled, so you can compete against your friends to determine who the best racer is.  Easy accelerometer controls should provide for a smooth racing experience, and 4 different game speeds allow you to adjust to something that’s comfortable for you.

Fly Effect Real 3D AGS S.p.a., Fly Effect Real 3D, 37.6 MB – $0.99

Doodle Truck – Anyone that’s followed my writing for any length of time should know how I feel about “doodle” games, and the general consensus is that they aren’t good.  To me the games are often weak in game play, and the term “doodle” seems to be an excuse for lousy graphics.  I also like the fact that they’ve included a payload to the whole truck racing / flipping physics concept.  The fact that you actually have to deliver goods somewhere is a nice change of pace from what this type of game usually offers.  With 8 different maps, 48 levels, and 3 different truck models with varying attributes, there should be enough variety to go around.  It also seems to sport some of the better visuals for a doodle style game, especially when you consider the look of the trucks.  Whether it’s realistic or outrageous, if they can deliver on the physics model then this should be a blast.

Doodle Truck Triniti Interactive Limited, Doodle Truck, 15.5 MB – $0.99

Coin Push Frenzy – To round out the roundup this week I thought I’d discuss something silly but potentially quite fun and addictive.  This week Freeverse released Coin Push Frenzy, an iPhone simulation of that popular arcade game where you try and use coins to push more coins to a goal area so you can win prizes.  The prizes are of course virtual as well, but winning a certain group of prizes will unlock more machines for even more fun.  There are currently three different machines to play with, but hopefully updates or IAP will provide even more variety in this department.  You can already purchase coins in-game if you’re frustrated or impatient about getting the extra machines unlocked.  The graphics look pretty neat, and hopefully there will be some slick special effects to go with it.  If the game is anything like Skee-Ball, you’ll get addicted despite your desires.

Coin Push Frenzy Freeverse, Coin Push Frenzy, 10.8 MB – Free

Here are several more App Store releases that might peak your interest:

And that wraps up another week of iDevice gaming.  As always, if you’ve played something over the last week that you feel should have been mentioned in this list, feel free to let us know in the comments section of this thread.

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