OMG, what is the world coming to? iPod, iPhone, iPad… iHTC?

I don’t think anyone would argue that at the moment the iOS is the best OS for a touchscreen device, period. The Android, while having some inarguable advantages like the openness of the platform and the absence of the extraodinary amount of control that Apple has over its product, still has quite a way to go to compare to the polished excellence of iOS. Still, even for the Android fans there is a way out if they’re the owners of an early iPhone – the OpeniBoot project, making it possible to run Google’s entry in the mobile OS space on the Jesus phone. But what if you’re one of those unlucky bunch, wishing for the miracle that is the iOS but stuck with a saintly Android phone? Apparently there is a way out!

A video has swept the internet over the weekend, one that is showcasing a full-blown iOS running on an HTC Magic – the second commercial phone ever to run Android OS. Features shown include multitasking, folders, calculator and more, turning the vintage device into an iOS wonder.

Almost… Attentive viewers will definitely spot more than a few inconsistencies. I will not go over all of them, but a few include:

  • the apps in the multi-tasking tray have black crosses instead of red lines to close them
  • the wallpaper scrolls
  • the built-in iOS apps can be removed

This is by far not the complete list but is enough to make it clear this is not the full-blown iOS, but merely an Android OS GUI customized to mimic the iOS. Nevertheless the quality of this is simply marvelous. Just imagine a Chinese iPhone knockoff like the AirPhone NO. 4 powered by such a GUI – you’ll find more than a few poor sods tricked into thinking they got a lucky break and bought a full-featured iDevice for peanuts.

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