All current iOS devices pwned4life – Jailbreakable forever!

A significant victory has recently been achieved over Apple’s incessant attempts to thwart jailbreaking. First unveiled by the infamous Geohot during the “Nuit du hacks” — one of the oldest and most famous French underground hacker’s conferences — the pwned4life exploit is claimed to make all current iOS devices jailbreakable forever. Unfortunately George Hotz himself has since left the iPhone arena but his work is being continued by pod2g, responsible for the 24kpwn exploit that first made the iPod Touch 2G jailbreak possible and who has already confirmed that all iOS devices up to the latest iPod Touch 4G are indeed susceptible to it.

What’s best about this exploit is that according to the authors, it’s located at the hardware level and the only way to combat it is for Apple to release new iDevices with a radically new component configuration. Even the dreaded bootrom update, which made a dent in the jailbreak of the more recent iDevices starting with later iPhone 3GS would not be enough to plug this hole.

There is a downside, however. According to sources familiar with the exploit, for the moment it only implies a “tethered” jailbreak, meaning that if used on it’s own you would need a PC/Mac connected with a special utility installed at each reboot of your iDevice. And if for some this would not be much of an issue (especially the owners of an iDongle) it is still enough of a hickup to limit its usefulness.

But do not fret, the Dev-Team is hard at work to pair it up with another exploit to make the perfect tool make you iDevice free from Apple’s control forever. Even if the rumoured revision of the iPhone 4 with the antenna issue fixed does come out after September 30, it can be safely assumed that it will be vulnerable to the jailbreak as well.

A small step for the jailbreaker, a giant leap for iDevice kind!

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