Knight’s Rush in Review – Pillage and plunder across dimensions…

A little over a year ago Knights Onrush (TMA Review) set the new standard for castle defense games with addictive gameplay, polished interface and superb graphics. Following up on the franchise, the developers later released A Quest Of Knights Onrush – a side-scrolling arcade title about the adventures of one of the knights in the original. And just recently, Chillingo released Knight’s Rush -  the next chapter in the series, plunging the would-be pillaged knights through other dimensions.

Knight’s Rush is a side-scrolling slasher similar to the original followup to Knight’s Onrush. In his life of pillaging our young footsoldier accidentally stumbles upon a mysterious portal and is whisked away to another dimension. There he is joined by an unlikely pair of comrades and now they have to traverse the multiverse to find fame, fortune and a way back home.

Knights Rush is almost the essence of side-scroller slashing distiller. The goal in each level is simply to reach it’s end decimating everyone and everything in you path. Under your control you can have one of 3 protagonists with different styles, skills and perks. Yes, yes, there is a bit of an RPG element present as well. As you make minced meat out of your enemies you gain experience resulting in an eventual levelup. Apart from the mandatory health bar refill, this gives you a skill point and several perk points to spend on your abilities – both active and passive. And if you’re bored with your current selection you can choose a different hero between stages, especially since the level of your ward will get reset anyway.

The characters differ not only in appearance, but in speed, power and skillset. The footsoldier is the weakest but highest jumper and most agile. The heavy knight is on the contrary slowest but his sledgehammer packs a punch. And the ninja-like knight is somewhere in the middle. Each is equipped with an extra powerful attack and a spell. The former are just a modification of the melée attack with extra damage while the latter ranges from shooting a flaming arrow to sending all enemies up in the air.

Graphically Knight’s Rush is immediately recognizable, following the same mix of amine and western animation styles, which was one of hallmarks of the original castle defense game. The interface uses a traditional mix of a virtual joystick and buttons for attack, jump and special skills. The only real problem I had was with the spell button, positioned on top of the joystick instead of on the right with the rest of buttons.

Overall Knight’s Rush is a fun and addictive side-scroller. The game features superb stylish graphics and frantic, but no less involving gameplay. Of course the story could have been stronger and the RPG element deeper, but let’s face it, this is not what most people look for in such a game. Despite the awkward spell button, it is definitely one of the most polished games on the market.

With this I declare Knight’s Rush officially touched!

App Summary
Title: Knight’s Rush Developer: Chillingo Ltd
Reviewed Ver: 1.0.1 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $2.99 App Size: 90.81MB
  • Very nice and stylish graphics
  • Simple but addictive gameplay
  • 3 heroes with different playing styles
  • Awkward positioning of the spell release button
  • A bit weak on the RPG element with level reset on each new world


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