Guns’n’Glory in Review – The only good settler is a dead settler!

The Tower Defence genre has bit kind of stale lately. Apart from the release of the solid, but in no way revolutionising Star Wars: Battle for Hoth (TMA Review)  I don’t think there have been a title worthy of note for at least a few months. That’s why the arrival of Guns’n’Glory from HandyGames was even more welcome. But to further spike my interest it not only boasted mobile towers and a fresh perspective of being the bad guy, but a full featured FREE, albeit ad-supported Guns’n’Glory FREE version.

At first glance Guns’n’Glory seems to be a traditional fixed-path tower defence game. The enemies are coming in from one or more of the preset entry points and you have to stop them. But after a closer examination it’s obvious that it is so much more. For instance, the justification for the “health” limit is that if enough enemies go through they will alert the sheriff of your location. And that’s just the start of it.

One of the most striking features of Guns’n’Glory is the ability to move your troops across the field. The enemies move along the narrow canyons and you position your gang on the top plateaus to let no one pass. The plateaus are connected with bridges, so at any time you can reposition your bandits to almost any point on the map. This offers a huge field for tactics, but also makes for some frantic gameplay at times, since Guns’n’Glory is balanced so that quite often the only way to survive is to carefully plan the movements to take advantage of the terrain.

There’s another interesting twist – you can’t freely decide what bandits to place. You can only use the money obtained from killing innocents to hire the ones already on the map. In addition to this each bandit type has advantages and disadvantages against various enemy types, making even the lowly desperado essential at all stages.  You can also upgrade your “lucky seven”, though this ability is unlocked only on the later levels, with a special bonus unlocked for at max upgrade for each type. Finally, keep an eye on the level itself, since special chests containing powerups and gold randomly appear on the map and may be picked up by your bandits for that extra edge.

On the visual side the game looks excellent. It is drawn in a cartoony style with bright colours and bring to mind such classics as Lucky Luke and many others. iOS4 multitasking is fully supported, though Guns’n’Glory doesn’t support Retina graphics, which is a shame.  On the interface front the game performs well with an exception of no bird’s eye view. Considering it involves a lot of moving bandits around it makes its absence makes it easy to miss a settler or two.

Guns’n’Glory is one of more enjoyable tower defence titles I’ve ever played. The ability to move your troops and the excellent game balance make it challenging and addictive at the same time. You’ll be finding yourself going back again and again trying to stop those pesky settlers from reaching the sheriff. And even the minor flaws only manage to make a slight dent in the polished wagon that is Guns’n’Glory. And if you’re still in doubt you can first try out the full-featured ad-supported FREE version. Yeeee haaa!

With this I declare Guns’n’Glory officially touched!

App Summary
Title: Guns’n’Glory Developer: HandyGames
Reviewed Ver: 1.1 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $2.99 App Size: 12.90MB
  • Movable troops with strengths and weaknesses
  • Excellent balance, keeping even the most basic units useful until the end
  • Nice graphics
  • Full-featured ad-supported version
  • No bird’s eye view available
  • No Retina graphics


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