Touch’n Go: Slice it! – Geometric challenge!

I can see why my wife was completely addicted to this puzzler. With its graffiti graphics and cute music, Slice It! may look like a quick little game, but it ain’t. It’s a cleverly disguised geometric puzzler that can tickle your brain for hours. Your mission? Divide shapes into equal parts in order to pass to the next level. Currently, there are 40 levels with more promised from Com2uS in the near future.

Slice It! Com2uS Inc., Slice It!, 14.30MB – $0.99

To get past one, you have to ‘slice’ a shape into equal parts. It starts out easily enough: you just draw a line on the screen to divide the shape. Nothing could be easier. There is a fantastic UNDO button, and thank God, you can multi-touch your shapes to get perfect alignment. But while manoeuvring the game screen and its interface is easy, cutting up shapes (especially as you progress into higher levels) is not. I’ve retried certain levels in the dozens of times. Here and there, little hints will help you, and if you accrue enough 5-star cuts, something good is bound to happen (wonder what that could be?) to help you along the way.

With pretty cute graphics, great gameplay, and three languages to throttle your brain with, Slice It! is a classic game at a great price. Honestly, the only nasty part about it is putting it down, even to write a short Touch’n Go review!

Slice It! Com2uS Inc., Slice It!, 14.30MB – $0.99

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