Mishap in Review – Who Let The Ghosts In?

Just like when it comes to match 3 games, I’m always willing to try a new hidden object game if it either does the basics really well or even more so if it brings something new to the table.  Thankfully, in the case of Mishap it actually has both bases covered.  The hidden object sequences are well done, and while you might have to use the occasional hint to locate something, the objects aren’t ridiculously hard to find.  Moreover, there are not only things to do besides the hidden object sequences, but the whole structure of the game is somewhat unique to the genre.  But this is just an intro, so let’s move on to discover if this tale from the beyond is for you…

So who do you call when your house is overrun by specters and you’re ready to move out?  No, not the Ghostbusters; you call some short, stocky guy with a moustache that needs your help to purge the ghosts.  Yes, you play youself (well, the house owner), and it’s up to you to get the ghost hunter the stuff he needs to create his gadgets and capture the pesky ghosts.  What’s cool is that each capture is comprised of four scenes in rooms throughout the house.  You’ll search the rooms hidden object style to uncover clues which will lead you to the ultimate part for each of the hunter’s gadgets.  You’ll also find other parts for his gadgets while you’re hidden object hunting.

But that’s not all.  Each scene has 1 or more minor ghosts hanging around, and in order to capture them you’ll have to go green screen – viewing the room through the hunter’s special monocle.  Each ghost must be tapped three times, and will move to a different location after each tap.  I really like this little diversion, but in order to move the monocle you need to use the accelerometer, and let’s just say it needs a calibration mode.  And if everything I’ve told you already weren’t enough, once you find everything and capture the ghosts in all four scenes for a given major ghost, you’ll play a mini-game to capture that final ghost.  If you really want to you can skip this part, however.

If I had to lament about something, it would be the controls.  I’m beginning to feel like a broken record when it comes to hidden object games, but the touch sensitivity is way off on this type of game lately.  It often seems like I have to tap several times before the game registers that I clicked the appropriate object.  At least one of the end ghost mini-games was also somewhat challenging because the tap and drag motions weren’t as responsive as they needed to be.  Still, while this can get frustrating at times, my enjoyment of the game itself far outweighs these issues – not that I’d object to seeing them fixed in an update.

As one might expect, the visuals are quite remarkable.  Some locations like the foyer really stick out, but everything is nicely drawn.  The ghosts you must hunt are especially cool and sometimes amusing.  I also like the fact that the cut scenes are rendered like pages from a comic book.  Overall the artists did an excellent job of imbuing this haunted house with plenty of atmosphere.

Sound effects are pretty scarce in Mishap, relegated to such actions as clicking on a correct object.  There’s some pretty decent voice acting during dialogs, however, which is always refreshing.  More impressive, however, is the music.  Each chapter has its own music, and it all both suits the chapter and sounds really good.  My compliments go to the composer of the soundtrack.

This definitely ranks up at the higher end of the hidden object genre, whether you’re talking iPhone or otherwise.  Control issues aside the atmosphere is cool, the characters are fun, and the music is a joy to listen to.  You definitely don’t want to miss this one if you’re any sort of hidden object aficionado.

Note: Mishap is also available on the iPad, which can be found here on iTunes.

App Summary
Title: Mishap Developer: Namco Networks America Inc.
Reviewed Ver: 1.0.0 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $4.99 App Size: 224.33MB
  • Detailed story
  • Diverse gameplay
  • Excellent graphics
  • Well written music
  • Somewhat finicky controls


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