All-In-1 Alarm Clock In Review – Replace That Clunky $10 Clock With Your Own $600 Jesus Tablet Clock!

I read recently that with smartphones now having such dynamic and reliable alarm clocks, the standard bedside clock is on the way to extinction. Well here to put another nail in that coffin is All-In-1 Alarm Clock, a pretty damn good alarm clock app by developers

This is one of those apps that are just so simple yet effective because it was done right. The design is extremely minimal for an iPad app. The largest portion of the screen is for your clock but rather than just leave it at that, they also have calendar info around it and you can even show the weather for a particular area at the top. They don’t call it “All-in-1” for nothing it seems.

iPad Screenshot 1

You have the option of an analog or digital display. Your date and time formats can be adjusted in just about every imaginable way. When it comes to the alarms it’s even more customizable. Similar to your iPhone alarms, All-In-1 Alarm Clock can be set for one time, repeating, allow snooze, etc. alarms. You can also use one of the built in alarm noises or choose right from your own iPod songs. Although all these features are not new, they are in my opinion critical to a clock/alarm apps success.

You can customize the colour of the clock to literally any colour you can imagine. Although fun, I usually ended up settling on one of the provided presets. Now if you launch the app in landscape, your probably wondering how the heck you get to the settings screen. For that, just pop it into portrait mode and you’ll see the “i” logo at the bottom. Now keep in mind, if you intend to use this is your main alarm clock, you’re going to want to plug your iPad in. With it being always on it will drain your power and the app doesn’t do you much good if your device is dead.

That being said I was really quite surprised by it. I didn’t expect (but definitely appreciate) all the extra features an customization options. If you’re like me and want to replace that old boring alarm clock with a fancy new Jesus alarm clock then I would definitely recommend this little app.

App Summary
Title: All-in-1 Alarm Clock Developer:

Reviewed Ver: 1.2 Min OS Req: Requires iPad (3.2 or later)
Price: $0.99 App Size: 1.1 MB
  • Lots of customization options
  • Great extras (calendar,weather)
  • Wake up to sound OR music
  • Easy to see/read at night
  • None to mention


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