WeeMee Avatar Creator in Review – amazingly creative avatar creator!

Everybody uses avatars. Whether you IM, troll forums, or even comment on this review, social networking avatars are everywhere. That little image is your greeting to the world. For some, avatars are just small images of their real selves, for others they are used to show their love or support for various things. Whatever the case may be, we all use them – that is unless you want to blend into the background. The WeeMee Avatar Creator that we announced in February is a great avatar creator that’s been getting some much-deserved attention.

Now, I’ve created avatars in the past; sometimes it’s simple and straightforward, other times it can be unnecessarily complicated. Thankfully, WeeWorld created WeeMee app with the former in mind. WeeMee’s overall layout is extremely eaasy to understand. Buttons are either obviously labeled or the images used for the icon are obvious enough to know what it is for. The overall color scheme for the buttons is dark greys and blacks while everything else is vibrant and colorful: a real pleasure to look at and use for sure.

To begin creating your avatar the first step comes as soon as you launch. You’re presented with the option of either creating a male or female WeeMee. Alternatively you can also go to the gallery to see pre-made models as well as any you may have made already. Creating and designing your WeeMee is simply a matter of selecting from options available to you. You start off with head shape/colour and move piece by piece through the rest by scrolling through the options at the top and selecting which feature you would like to customize. There are tons of options available for males or females. Everything from hair, to clothes, accessories and even the background. You really can make the avatar as much a representation of you as possible.

Now if that was all WeeMee was capable of, it would still be a good app. That however is not the case. On top of all the options and possible variations available, you can also buy pack after pack of add-on clothes/accessories/etc., to even further personalize your WeeMee. There are only 6 available right now, but hopefully they will release more in the future. After creating your WeeMee you have a few options available to get that avatar out in the world. From within the app, you can share it on Facebook, Twitter, assign it one of your contacts or just save it to your cameraroll to use later.

So, I have to say that this was a different experience for me. WeeMee’s not the usual type of app that I review so i couldn’t really look at it in the way I normally do. What I will say is that as an avatar creator, it really is great. It gives you a no-nonsense way of designing a stylish and personalized avatar with minimal effort. So if you are looking to create your own set of custom avatars, I would definitely recommend you pick up WeeMee and give it try.

App Summary
Title: WeeMee Avatar Creator Developer: WeeWorld Inc
Reviewed Ver: 1.4.0 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $0.99 App Size: 8.5 MB
  • Great UI design
  • Tons of customizations
  • In-app addons available for purchase
  • A very niche app
  • Should be more “free” addons available


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