Automate Your House With These iPhone Apps

There are many great apps around that are a lot of fun to use but there are also some very useful ones as well. These utility apps are able to control some of the devices around your house, meaning you can easily access everything from your iPhone: from your sound system, lights and even digital TV.

Apple’s Remote app (TMA review) which is available free of charge is a neat way to control you iTunes playlist from your iPhone over WiFi. This is great for various reasons, and it means you have ultimate control over the tunes without even needing to be in the same room as your computer. For those of you that have a Sonos sound system there is an app called Sonos Controller that allows you to control the music on this multi-room device. You can group speakers and have different music playing at different volumes in various areas of your house.

Sonos Controller app

If you make use of digital video recorders to keep up to date with all you latest TV shows, then there are some great apps that can help you out. DVR apps are now becoming more widely available from a number of TV providers including AT&T (U-verse Mobile), DIRECTV and Comcast. This allows you to access and program your DVR from anywhere in the world.

Schlage LiNK app

The impressive Schlage LiNK is able to control all kinds of devices found around your house. This is nearly a complete home automation suite all by itself. The app allows you to control your lights, plug sockets and even your door from your iPhone! It can also stream video from a camera directly to your phone meaning you could see who was knocking and decide to let them in from anywhere. The app is can also control any Z-Wave device, meaning it could be used for systems such as your air conditioners or electric heaters that you may have around the house.

SlingPlayer Mobile app

Finally for when you leave the house there is the SlingPlayer Mobile app which lets you watch TV on the go. This app is for SlingBox owners, which is a device that allows you to stream the TV or Cable that you enjoy at home over the internet. What this means is that you are able to enjoy all of your premium programming without needing to be at home.

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