Touch’n Go: Dreams HD – dreamily addictive

It’s no shame on me to love spot-the-difference titles. And it’s no shame on me to say that Dreams HD is one of the best in the business of spotting the difference. What it’s got going for it: hand-drawn scenes, serene music, lots and lots of differences to spot, and enough levels, is charming to say the least. You don’t have to fuddle with strange FindIT interfaces or waste time zooming in and out endlessly. There are several difficulty settings that will help you enjoy the same levels again and again as indeed, you rarely will play the same level in exactly the same way.

Dreams HD Greyhound Games, Dreams HD, 9.88MB – $1.99

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What’s not so good is touch accuracy. Sometimes, being off by a millimetre will get you boned. You have a certain number of hints and what could be an embarrassing score to contend with. When Dreams HD complains that you touched a millimetre off of target and gives you a big fat Ghost-Busters’ sign, it can be downright frustrating. Thankfully, there is no time limit, no end to bad touches, and no real reason to play hastily. But when you do play hastily and hit it, you get bonuses that you can share with the world via OpenFeint, or with your mates on your very own iPad.

Dreams HD is a great title that’ll be keeping my attention for a long time.

Dreams HD Greyhound Games, Dreams HD, 9.88MB – $1.99

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