Splashtop Remote Desktop In Review – Games, PC Apps, and yes Flash! On Your iPad!

Remote desktop software such as RDM+ is something that I’ve used off and on for years. Having the ability to be in one room on my laptop and access my desktop in another room allows me to increase productivity and processing capapbilites significantly. Thanks to Splashtop Remote Desktop you can mirror that convienence all on your iPad.

With its main role being allowing you to remote desktop, there isn’t much need to create a fantastic GUI. That being said, the UI elements that are present look great. The keyboard is standard but there is the inclusion of some typical laptop or desktop keys that are not part of the stock iPad set, which are added in a small bar atop the in-app keyboard. The various menus and help screens are easy to read and manipulate. The standard setup takes your computer’s resolution and works it down to the standard iPad dimensions. Now since your entire desktop is being crunched down into a 10″ screen, some elements are rather small. However during testing I found I had little problems reading anything that I looked at.

The setup is a simple 2 step process. After installing the app on your iPad, you download and install the desktop companion app on your main computer. This is what allows you to communicate with the computer. After installing both you should be able to launch the iPad app and have it detect your computer automatically. If not however, all you have to do is tap the “+” and you can add it manually. All the info you need to add can be seen in the desktop application if you need to add it via this method. And using Splashtop Remote Desktop is fairly straightforward. Use your finger to guide the cursor around and use different tap/hold presets to mimic mouse functions like right click, dragging, etc.

Now, because you are basically viewing your computer from the iPad, any function that your computer can perform your iPad can do as well. So any of your games, programs, and yes, even Flash, can run. The only real issue is that due to the combinaion of wireless networking, the difference in power between devices, and other variables, there is a bit of a lag here and there. This lag isn’t enough to make things unusable but it is noticable.

One thing that makes this app more of a niche app at the moment is that it is for communicating with Windows only PCs. Personally I run both Mac and Windows at home so it wasn’t an issue for me, however most people tend to run one or the other so there is a whole segment of the market excluded.

So aside from some of the lag issues and its Windows only limitation at this time, Splashtop Remote Desktop is a good solid app. One of the biggest uses my iPad was intended for was to be able to perform many of the lightweight day to day tasks like checking emails, writing reviews, etc. Adding the ability to remotely access my computer extends my abilities even further which I really appreciated. And compared with the competition in this genre, its current asking price ($6.99) is quite attractive. Bottom line: I would recommend this app for any Windows users looking for a remote desktop solution for their Jesus tablet.

App Summary
Title: Splashtop Remote Desktop Developer: DeviceVM, Inc.
Reviewed Ver: Min OS Req: 3.2
Price: $6.99 App Size: 5.6 MB
  • Simple setup
  • Able to run flash
  • Some lag/response issues
  • Windows pc’s only


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