Is the iPod Nano or even the Shuffle going Touch?

Only a couple of days left until Apple’s Sept 1 event and the community is buzzing with rumours. The latest evidence, uncovered by AppleInsider, shows the possibility of a long-awaited (at least for me) update of the iPod Nano/Shuffle lineup, with a touchscreen interface making its debut on Apple’s smallest MP3 player to date.

I’ve been a user of the iPod Shuffle Mini 2G (the one with the buttons still present) for a few years now and can safely say that it is one of the best MP3 players I’ve ever laid my hands on. The sturdy aluminum casing, handy clothes clip and obscene playing time (almost a month off 1 charge at my normal usage) have made it an integral part of my daily life.

Unfortunately the update removing the buttons altogether (was it iPod Shuffle 3G?) killed it for me since Apple’s headphones are, honestly, complete piece of crap and only serve to alert would be muggers that you’re an owner of an iDevice. And now it seems the next update will not only bring back the headphone-independent interface, but even the good old 30-pin connector as well, finally saving me from remembering where I put the stupid iPod Shuffle dock.

An even more intriguing followup of such a device would be a wrist-watch like case for it, finally making the concept of iWatch all but reality.

How much truth is there to this rumour? We’ll see in just 2 days!

[via via AppleInsider]

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