10 New App Store Games To Watch [Aug 23 – 29]

This past week saw a couple significant releases from some big players as well as some really strong releases from popular indie developers.  First up is R-Type, one of the most lauded old school shooters of all time.  If you’re a shooter fan but want something a little more “modern” there’s Dodonpachi Resurrection (you’ll need one of the latest generation of iDevices to run this bad boy).  For the RPG fans we have Phantasy Star II, a retro release that lets you experience the 80s Sega Master System phenomenon just as it was meant to be right on your iPhone.  Chillingo also released Knight’s Rush, the third in a series of casual games featuring anime inspired medieval characters and lots of action.  And naturally there are plenty of options for those who want something not mentioned in the above list as well.

R TYPE – For shooter fans nirvana has arrived.  Often heralded as the best scrolling shooter in history, R-Type has finally made its way to the iPhone.  The game is designed to look and feel like the original, because there’s no reason to mess with a classic.  You’ll pilot your ship through 8 insane levels, each complete with a unique boss.  As with any good shooter you’ll get a variety of weapons and attachments to up the ante on your end, but you’ll need all the firepower you can muster to barrel through both difficulty settings.  The game sports 3 different control styles so you can use whatever is most comfortable to you.  So kick back, relax, and prepare to get beat back many a time before completing this game.

R TYPE Electronic Arts , R TYPE, 11.1 MB – $1.99

Knight’s Rush – This game started as A Quest Of Knights Onrush, a mini-game using the same graphics as Chillingo’s flick fortress protection game Knights Onrush (TMA Review).  When it was announced that a full blown version would be coming I think it made it to the top of many people’s Chillingo want lists – I know it was on mine.  Now it’s here and doesn’t look to disappoint.  You get to choose one of three characters with unique style, skills and attributes.  You’ll build that character up through 40 levels that span 8 worlds, encountering 50 different types of enemies.  A campaign mode gives you some decisive goals to meet, while Super Endless Mode just lets you tear through all the bad guys until you can’t go any more.  Well drawn, cartoony graphics creative a vividly amusing world, and with any luck a rockin’ soundtrack will accompany the chaos.

Knight's Rush Chillingo Ltd, Knight’s Rush, 90.8 MB – $2.99

Dodonpachi Resurrection – Apparently this was a good week for scrolling shooter fans.  I’m not at all familiar with this game, but I guess it’s quite a treasure for fans of the “bullet hell” sub-genre of shooters.  The game comes with two different modes – an “as faithful as possible” translation of the arcade machine, as well as an edition tailored specifically for the iDevice.  There’s a practice mode, as well as Slaughter and Menace modes.  You’ve got to love a game that has difficulty settings like that.  The game has new music specifically written for the iPhone version, so your ears should be in for a treat.  The downside is that folks with older devices need not apply.  The game is designed for 3GS+, and even then expect some heavy crunching to take place on your device.  This is one of those games where you’ll probably have to reboot your device before playing every time.

Dodonpachi Resurrection CAVE Co., Dodonpachi Resurrection, 327 MB – $8.99

Zombie Highway – Here’s another new zombie game with a bit of a spin to it.  Zombie Highway turns the barren road driving sequences of modern mass destruction zombie flicks into an action game.  You get behind the wheel of your vehicle and keep on driving as zombies continually jump on board and try and get inside.  You have weapons, but your main advantage will be running the zombies into the abandoned cars and other debris along the side of the road that you also need to avoid yourself.  The game sports crisp 3D graphics that support retina display for those lucky enough to have it.  A CD quality soundtrack augments the atmosphere as well.  And, for the competitive bunch you can post your high scores to Facebook to challenge your friends.  2nd generation devices are allowed here, but you will need to be running iOS 4.

Zombie Highway Renderpaz, Zombie Highway, 6.37MB – $0.99

Corporate Fury – The premise sounds like the plot of a short story from Philip K. Dick or Ray Bradbury.  In a dystopian future, hostile takeovers are as much physical as bureaucratic.  You play an employee of a company that must protect its interests at all costs.  There’s a large world to explore, complete with over 100 characters to interact with and ultimately duke it out with.  The developers promise an easy to use but hard to master combo system that will allow for 100s of unique moves with 30+ chain combos.  The game goes beyond your typical brawler, however, to provide an RPG like system of character and skill enhancements.  There are also more than 100 weapons, items and abilities to discover throughout the game.  The world is rendered in incredible 3D graphics that even run on a “lowly” machine like the iPhone 3G.  The soundtrack is comprised of 13 tunes, which is an incredible assortment for any type of mobile game.  Who knew corporate espionage could sound so fun?

Corporate Fury Rich Whitehouse, Corporate Fury, 52.0 MB – $1.99

Phantasy Star II – Okay, I remember when I first wrote about these SEGA ports that I promised I’d only do it once, but I can’t help it they keep turning out some of the all time classics.  For the RPG fans we have Phantasy Star II, which is probably SEGA’s most revered foray into the RPG genre.  The Phantasy Star games have always been known for their deep stories and plentiful game time.  There are 9 towns and 19 dungeons for you to explore with a cast of 4 different characters.  You’ll build them up by fighting more than 100 types of monsters.  35 unique weapons will protect your characters from the evil they will face.  The graphics are old school and the music is 8 bit, but true fans should become immersed none the less.  And, since the game is turn based the iffy emulator should actually handle it pretty well.

Phantasy Star II Sega America , Phantasy Star II, 4.6 MB – $2.99

Aliens need Brains – This looks like it might do what Mars Attacks couldn’t – make camp 60s style alien invasions fun!  You play a boy on a mission.  That mission is to keep New York safe from aliens that want to steal peoples’ brains (always a zombie influence somewhere, huh?)  The perspective is fixed over the shoulder much like Battle Bears.  You’ll get access to 7 crazy weapons including a Coke launcher (the beverage, not the drug).  There are 6 unique alien types that will try and make your mission as difficult as possible.  The initial game mode is simply survival, but planned updates include a story mode as well as a “save the civilian” mode.  The graphics look pretty comical and are rendered lovingly in retina display mode, which means you’ll need an iPhone 4 to make this work.  It will be worth your while, though, as the game also uses the gyroscope for some pretty nice controls.

Aliens need Brains Humble Gaming, Aliens need Brains, 28.2 MB – $1.99

Angry Zombies !! – I can’t say that I’ve really ever known zombies to be amicable, but apparently this time they’re flat out angry!  You control the creation of zombies in what appears to be an RTS style game where your goal is to rid the world of pesky humans.  You have 5 different types of zombies at your disposal which can be used to either destroy the civilians or turn them into the undead.  There are two different difficulty levels, but the developer doesn’t really fill in the gap on things like campaign vs. survival mode or how you earn new zombies.  Still, it’s always nice to have a game where you get to be on the “wrong side of the fence”, and at 99 cents it’s not really too much of a gamble.  Or, you can wait until the free version comes out if you’re really not sure.  I’m already a fan of the similarly themed Infect Them All, and I like the fact that this one isn’t all about infecting, because destruction is good too.

Angry Zombies !! Si-Yeon Kim, Angry Zombies !!, 39.0 MB – $0.99

Dead Runner – Since this article is more about my speculation of what could become popular than my actual experience with the games, I very rarely get to play most of the games on my list before writing about them.  Sometimes, however, I decide to try the games to see if I should write about them in the first place.  Such is the case with Dead Runner, and I really think there’s potential here.  The game is basically a first person perspective horror movie chase through the woods.  They’re definitely on the right track, with a color palette of black and grays and some eerie music.  Now they just need to give you the impression that you’re being chased, kind of like the Hysteria Project.  Still, it’s a unique take on the distance running game that shouldn’t be missed by fans of the genre.

Dead Runner Distinctive Wireless, Dead Runner, 13.1 MB – $0.99

A Skeleton Story – Apparently this is based off of a “famous” comic book, but whatever the case it looks intriguing.  You play the part of a skeleton detective, and it’s up to you to capture the living kitten that has infiltrated The Kingdom Of The Dead.  In order to get to the kitten you must jump over obstacles and between buildings, all the while avoiding the bad guys.  Collect coins and boxes so that between levels you can visit Henry’s Pub to upgrade your skills.  The in game graphics look decent, but it’s the cut scenes that really give this game style.  Check out this YouTube trailer to see what I mean.  The promise of engaging atmospheric music is enticing as well.  Hopefully this will be another solid entry to add to the slowly growing list of platform games on the iPhone.

A Skeleton Story...The Game Michele Riccio, A Skeleton Story…The Game, 27.0 MB – $0.99

And here are some other notable releases that you may be interested in:

That wraps up another week of games to watch.  As always, if you’ve played a game that was released in the past week and you think it deserves a mention, please feel free to leave a reply on this thread.

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