ViewSonic’s Android tablet to double up on the iPad

With year-end holidays approaching, it is high time Apple’s competitors to finally hit the copy button. ViewSonic have a nice looking, ‘seen it before’ tablet coming… sometime soon. It will sport Android (or Windows), expandable memory, dual cameras and a USB port. In other words, it is the same exact same thing you’ll get from LG, HP, from Dell, from Toshiba, and myriad other manufacturers. Expect this copy-cat solution to be fun for a good old-fashioned Apple haters, but worthless on its own merits.

Too many companies debut the same hardware at the same prices sporting the same operating system now. In terms of innovation, the market is already dead. If it ain’t Apple, it’s a dime-a-dozen Android machine, or already-dead Widows 7 platforms.

Manufacturers: think for yourselves. Make something worthy of the OS and then dish it out. Don’t just slap together double-thick iPad and hope for the best. The Android market will eat your lunch. HP have realised this, putting weight behind WebOS. Whether it will work for them, is anyone’s guess, of course, but at least they try. Android tablets are like Legos: anyone can snap them together from the same tub of parts. Rather than tweaking the square wheel, why not try to invent?

For those who can’t make the iPad buy decision, I truly hope that something better for you comes along.

Picture and specs from PocketLint.

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