Zombie Escape in Review – Flight Control, please advise… zombies everywhere!

The line-drawing game genre has exploded since Flight Control (TMA Review) came out. We’ve seen almost everything, from downright clones such as Space Dock (TMA Review) to innovative titles like Boom Brigade. Well, Chillingo might have hit paydirt again with the release of Zombie Escape – an original (and zombie-filled) look on the genre.

In Zombie Escape, flesh-eaters (and I don’t mean burger-lovers) have taken over the city and you are charged with the task of getting the few survivors safely out of the city across 28 campaign levels and 3 survival map. And you’ve got to move fast, the whole place will be nuked in less than a month.

On the gameplay side Zombie Escape takes the basic line drawing mechanic and and tweaks. On the bottom layer you have survivors coming into the playing field from random parts of the screen and you have to guide them to the rescue choppers using tried and true finger-tracing. Above that you have the hordes of zombies, ready and willing to eat any poor sod who strides into their field of view. And on the very top you have the upgradable weapons for full hands-on zombie obliteration. This makes Zombie Escape one tasty piece of cake.

The weapons offer an interesting challenge for the brain, with both direct kill weapons like the sniper rifle or the area-effect bomb and others for distracting the mindless undead. There is also a full-blown safe zone equipped with it’s very own tesla coil. And sometimes you’ll even have to sacrifice a soul to save the others, as this may draw the zombies’ attention long enough to get the rest to safety. Also, using such an unlikely thing as a rescue helicopter to crush a bunch of zombies has it’s own charm. And to the RPG fan, the ability to upgrade them between levels with cash should earn a warm place in the heart. The zombies deserve a separate mention of their own, with 4 whole types including exploding ones and even a stinky one that releases clouds of deadly vapours as they die.

On the techical side, Zombie Escape is one of the most polished titles I’ve ever seen. The graphics are crisp with full support for the latest gen Retina display and done in a fun and humorous cartoony style. The game has full support fo the iOS 4 and Fast App switching in particular as well. The sounds effects are quite amusing and add to the atmosphere of the game.

Zombie Escape is a fun and addictive arcade game, combining the now classic Flight Control mechanic with the height of current fashion – ultimate zombie destruction. Throw in the superb graphics with Retina graphics support, a 28 level campaign and upgradeble arsenal and we’re left with one of the best casual games in the last few months. And even though the developers could’ve added more zombie types and a bit more variety on the map part I couldn’t tear myself from Zombie Escape until I completed the whole campaign.

With this I declare Zombie Escape officially touched!

App Summary
Title: Zombie Escape Developer: Chillingo Ltd
Reviewed Ver: 1.0 Min OS Req:
Price: $0.99 App Size: 17.79MB
  • extremely addictive
  • Crisp and humorous graphics
  • Upgradeble weapons
  • Campaign mode
  • Lacks some variety in maps
  • Could use more zombie types


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