Facetime over WiFi or 3G – anytime, anywhere

At iFixYouri, experiments abound. That penchant for fun got me going with jailbroken WiFi and 3G network settings for Facetime that allows you to have a face-to-face conversation with a loved one anytime, anywhere regardless of your current internet situation.

MyWi is an app that allows you to use your iPhone as a wireless router but without the pesky wires. My3G tricks your phone into thinking it is on a wireless network when it’s actually using your 3G connection. It allows you to use Facetime on 3G networkw and is brought to you by the same people that brought you MyWi.

It was with great excitement that we put these applications to the test. First we combined the MyWi and skype combo so we could facetime people from our computers via skype. Then we tried out My3G, available from both Cydia and Rock for cheap.

After some tinkering the scientific results are ready to be revealed:

  • MyWi+Skype=Happy
  • My3G+Facetime=Happy

*Happy means you get to use facetime through your iPhone 4, either because of the 3G network or because you are using it as a WiFi hotspot for your laptop or PC.

My friend Chris broke down the MyWi+Skype combo like this, “Dude this is dope! Awesome quality. Really awesome. Better than my DSL connection.”

Wow, that’s a bold statement Chris. How about the My3G plus Facetime?

“Holy crap, this is even better.”

Ah, so let’s hammer this out, the MyWi is better than your DSL connection and the My3G setup was better than both. I knew I paid too much for my DSL connection.

For MyWi Follow these steps:

  1. First you must have a Jailbroken iPhone 4.
  2. From Cydia search for RockApp
  3. Download it to your phone.
  4. Go to Rock Your Phone website and create an account
  5. Run the Rock App from your phone
  6. Enter your account info
  7. Download trial of mywi
  8. Click on the mywi icon GTG
  9. If the icon for mywi is not there restart

My3G’s App descriptions goes like this:

  • In-App popup request to enable/never ask for My3G to be enabled for that app
  • In-App indicator when My3G changes the network from 3G to WiFi
  • Ability to select which apps are My3G enabled and not.
  • Default Apps – no configuration for the most popular apps!
  • SBSettings Toggle! You can temporarily enable My3G for all apps or toggle back using your defined Apps list
  • Dynamic enablement – Higher successs rate (near 100%) then 3G Unrestrictor (which does one off solutions for apps). My3G enables 3G indicators more dynamically.

If you own an iPhone 4 and are contemplating whether or not you should jailbreak it, My3G is all the reason you need to proceed.

This article was brought to you by guest contributor Jesse, who’s also the editor at iFixyouri, your iPhone repair solution.

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