Azada in Review – A magical puzzle-solving adventure

Big Fish Games is one of the most prolific mobile publishers, best known for its range of excellent hidden object (HO) titles. Keeping this in mind it’s not much of a surprise that Azada has quite a bit of hiddenness in it. But this time, Big Fish Games decided to make things more interesting and throw in a LOT of other puzzles, making hidden objects only a part of the gameplay, rather than the backbone.

It would be most accurate to describe Azada as a collection of different puzzles, strapped together by a storyline. The story involves you being whisked away by an unknown force to a library and being presented to a confused self-writing journal. Apparently having been chosen for your prowess with puzzles you are beset with a task of solving the riddles of a magical book to release your captor from a curse.

The above story is told as your progress and collect parts of a painting, holding the mentioned person in captivity. To get each of the 10 parts you have to gather 9 pages to fill another chapter in the book. The pages are collected by solving puzzles in the book. These come in 2 main varieties – an HO style mini-adventure, where you have to find the objects in a room and figure out how to use them to find the page, and a bunch of various mini-games. The HO puzzles are nicely drawn and require not only sharp eyesight, but a sharp mind as well since they often lead to little puzzles. This makes it feel almost like playing Escape the Room.

The mini-games offer a nice variety to keep you entertained. Here you will find classics such as Sudoku, as well as more exotic variations on the Tibetan ring-shifting game, or math puzzles. There are about 100 puzzles in total, so there small chance that you’ll get bored playing the same type of game over and over.

On the visual side of things Azada looks great. While it doesn’t have specific support for the iPhone 4’s Retina display, the graphics look sharp. Even zoomed into HO rooms, the screens are atmospheric and crisp. The music is nice as well, providing some ambient sounds to help you concentrate.

Azada is a great game to help you squeeze a bit more out of the grey matter that people usually call a brain. The story is a bit on the weak side, but manages to string together almost a hundred puzzles in a way that doesn’t draw criticism. With great graphics and varied puzzles Azada will definitely find a home on any puzzle-solving fan’s iDevice. And the excellent balance and tip system make it a great choice for the more casual crowd as well.

With this I declare Azada officially touched!

App Summary
Title: Azada Developer: Big Fish Games, Inc
Reviewed Ver: 1.1 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $4.99 App Size: 41.24MB
  • Superb graphics
  • Lots of different puzzles
  • Somewhat weak storyline


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