Quell In Review – a persistently peculiar puzzler!

You can never have too many puzzle games - at least that’s my philosophy. So when I was shown Quell, the first title from developers Fallen Tree Games I was more than happy to try it out. With over 70 levels and a promise to be both addictive AND challenging, Quell was on a pedestal before I had even downloaded it. Read on to see if it lived up to it’s own hype.

Quell’s piece design is really well done. From foreground to background, objects are clean, lines are smooth and even the main page/menu areas are themed from top to bottom. My only issue is that although the design is done well, there could be a little more attention spent on consistency in the overall theme (e.g. Your main game piece is a raindrop, but its the only real water reference in game).

Now the main point of the game is to use your piece to collect all the gold pieces you see on the board. There are tonnes of different ways to do it, but if you want the perfect score, then theres only one way to go about it. That is the addictive bit. When the game tells you it takes 6 moves to do that level perfectly, but you can’t do anything better than 7, the bar is set for the perfectionist that I believe exists in every player. Aggravating? Sure, but very fun.

To move your piece, you just use your finger and swipe in the direction you want to move. A couple warnings though: once you start, the move won’t stop until your piece hits an obstacle and stops. Also, some moves will make the level un-finishable. So remember kids, think before you walk! If you unfamiliar with puzzle games of this type there is a tutorial that helps out in the beginning.

Although Quell doesn’t have any of the usual social networks integrated, it does have an achievement engine. So even though you cant brag and beat your friends, you do have goals to reach for which is always good.

Overall, Quell is a good first title from developer Fallen Tree Games. As they mentioned, it is certainly addictive. On top of that, all those levels are definitely going to keep you busy for awhile. Although they may not have a 100% fluid theme, the design still works and if they do add in some sort of social network in, this could turn into a really well rounded title. For it’s price, I would encourage both puzzle newcomers and veterans alike to check it out.

App Summary
Title: Quell Developer: Lewis Boadle
Reviewed Ver: 1.0 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $0.99 App Size: 11.7 MB
  • Very Addictive
  • Clean/crisp design
  • Attractive interface
  • Easy to pick up controls
  • No social integration
  • Overall theme not 100% clear


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