LogMeIn Ignition updated, adds virtual mouse option to iPad

Virtual onscreen mouse

LogMeIn Ignition (TMA Review), arguably one of the best remote access and desktop control apps on the iDevice, has just been updated with some user interface improvements. For those not familiar, LogMeIn allows users to log into their desktop/laptops and work off them remotely on their iDevice, regardless of where they are. The most notable change in the update (v1.1.170) is the addition of the Direct navigation mode on the iPad. As you can see from the screenshot above, a virtual onscreen mouse is present once Direct control is enabled in the settings. Simply touch and drag the mouse to move the desktop cursor, and tapping on the edges will duplicate a left and right mouse click function. This new feature is definitely welcome on the iPad as users can now control the cursor (while zoomed in) without having to pan the screen every time its moved.

The virtual mouse is not present on the iPhone, though this is likely a calculated move as it’s not needed on the much smaller screen. Having this option on the iPhone would probably be counterintuitive, as you would really need the screen and the mouse to move and pan at the same time to get around quickly.

Here is the complete list of what’s new in 1.1.170:

  • Direct navigation mode and virtual in-screen mouse (iPad)
  • Switch monitor button in toolbar (iPad)
  • Improved keyboard usability
  • Search box to locate a specific computer
  • Logout button
  • Computer login details label
  • 3-finger horizontal swipe to change monitors (iPad)
  • Reversed page scrolling, similar to Mac

LogMeIn Ignition is one of my most used apps on both my iPhone and iPad. When I’m on the road, I love being able to log into my desktop and connect to all my local files and programs. The price tag ($29.99) is quite high, but if you need such a tool on your iDevice, it doesn’t quite get better than this on the App Store. If you already own it, be sure to update the app and try out the new features.

LogMeIn Ignition LogMeIn, LogMeIn Ignition (TMA Review), 4.2 MB – $29.99

App Description

Directly control your Mac or PC, all your programs and all your files – like that important presentation for your boss or that application that only exists on your work computer – with a simple touch.

LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone and iPad lets you remotely access one or more computers anywhere, anytime. So you never have to worry about leaving anything behind.

Be Productive
Put your office in the palm of your hand.
• Remotely run any business application like CRM, ERP, Salesforce, Microsoft Office.
• Remotely access your computer as if you’re sitting right in front of it.

Be Everywhere
Take your computers wherever you go.
• Have your files and contacts with you at all times.
• Give your family IT support without having to be at their machine.

Be Nimble
Super quick, super easy.
• Simple to install and set up in minutes.
• Automatic settings for optimized speed and performance.

Customers Give Us the Thumbs-Up
• “Thanks to this app, I don’t need to bring my laptop with me anymore when I work 24×7.”
• “The application works like a charm. It’s very fast and extremely easy to set up.”
• “Ignition has saved me countless times. It’s an excellent app that’s worth more than the price.”

Reviewers Rave About LogMeIn Ignition
• Businessweek – “LogMeIn Ignition turns an iPad into a remote control for your other Web-connected computers. It may be the iPad’s first indispensable app.”
• Wired – “10 Stellar iPad Apps That Will Blow You Away”
• Zath – “Within 5 minutes of use, controlling my computers remotely with the iPad became second nature, and this is a credit to the great development team behind the application.”

Winner of 2010 Macworld UK Award – Best iPad App

To Get Started:
1. Create a free account at LogMeIn.com
2. Download LogMeIn Free software to your PC/Mac
3. Purchase LogMeIn Ignition from the App Store
4. Log in from your Apple device to access your computer

In-Depth Features
• Multitasking (iOS 4)
• Retina Display (iPhone 4)
• Multiple monitor switch
• Intuitive and flexible navigation modes – direct, screen moves, mouse moves
• Works with free software on your computer (LogMeIn Free)
• Search computers to quickly locate a computer

  • Jason

    That virtual mouse is terrible…. and having to connect to a server to turn it off is stupid. I have expressed my discontent with them and am giving them until the 17th before I demand a refund. This feature wastes precious screen real estate and turns out to be a major annoyance 99% of the time.

  • Anonymous

    I also think that LogMeIn Ignition is update,we should add virtual mouse option to iPad.

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