Hot Reversi HD in Review– Hot Piece Action, By Yourself Or With A Friend!

Reversi, also known by many under the trade name “Othello” is a board-game traditionally involving an 8 by 8 board, dark and light pieces, and hours of endless strategy. The main goal in Reversi is to get your pieces to cover the majority of the board. This game has been seen and played on just about every platform/OS/device in the digital world and most recently I was able to get my hands on one of the latest iterations Hot Reversi HD by developers nenet.

The iPad is a great platform for board games. Unfortunately I’ve been so busy these last few weeks that I’ve barely had a chance to try any on them. So when I saw a chance to review Hot Reversi HD I leapt.

One key that makes Reversi a true classic is the simplicity that makes it so accessible to people of all ages. Developer nenet knew this and rather than make some wild off the wall “inspired by” type game, they kept it true to its roots.

Visually, Hot Reversi HD is appealing. It makes full use of the screen to house your game board. Everything is crisp, clean and thanks to the iPad’s giant screen, roomy enough even for two players. Animations are great, everything looks so smooth and the special effects are really well done.
One really fun item is the “red hot switch”, the equivilant to tilting a pinball machine. If you mash the button enough times it will blow the pieces off the board. So if you’re deep into a game and your oppenent is driving you crazy, the red hot switch is a great way to completely interrupt his or her concentration. Don’t worry though, the pieces do go back to their original place a couple seconds later.

nenet also did really well in the “options” department. You have multiple choices for in-game effects, board color, sounds, even the angle that you view the board. I was really impressed as most of the time with games like this, you get what you get and there isn’t any real room for changes. Even though it has nothing to do with game play, the little things are what tends to sell it for fans.

Although not detrimental to the title, if I had to pick anything that I didn’t like about the game, I would probably say the lack of network play. Come on! a board game should at least have the option… There is also a funny lack of social network support, so forget about bragging to your friends about your amazing reversal.

There really isn’t much else to say about this game, other than that  Hot Reversi HD is simple, yet really fun. The graphics are good and any fan of previous iterations of the game should find this to be quite familiar and enjoyable. I would recommend this to all fans of board games.

App Summary
Title: HOT REVERSI HD Developer: moak-1 co., Ltd.
Reviewed Ver: 1.1.0 Min OS Req: 3.2
Price: $2.99 App Size: 5.7 MB
  • Excellent design
  • Lots of in-game tweaks/options
  • Very familiar to veterans, easy to pick up for beginners
  • No online play
  • Lack of social network integration


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