ultrasn0w updated to 1.1-1, fixes battery drain

A little over a week ago, an update to ultrasn0w brought a software unlock for iPhone 4 owners. Unfortunately, that release was also blamed for users experiencing a drastic decrease in battery life; some have reportedly seen the battery drop 5% an hour while the phone was in sleep mode. For those who rely on the unlock for their iPhones, the good news is that ultrasn0w has just been updated once again with a several tweaks that’s supposed to fix the issue. If you were previously on 1.0-1 and found your battery life affected, you may want to install version 1.1-1 via Cydia. For instructions on how to get ultrasn0w running, take a look here. And speaking of battery performance, if you find your iPhone 4 draining exceptionally fast, make sure that you had in fact set it up as a new phone, as opposed to restoring from an old backup.

[via iPhoneinCanada]

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