Sally’s Salon in Review – A Cut Above the Rest

As an avid casual gamer and a fan of time management games in particular, I was delighted to grab Sally’s Salon at its bargain price. The star of several time management games, Sally is quite the entrepreneur. In this TM game she’s opened a hair salon. It’s up to you to help Sally wash, cut, dye, blow-dry and style hair to make as much profit as possible. In later levels you’ll also be plucking eyebrows, fake-tanning your customers and painting their nails, too!

The gameplay is simple. Lots of tapping is the order of the day. Your customers will arrive and sit in the waiting area. Above their head will display the area they’d like to go to next. Some will want their hair washed before having anything else done, others will go straight to the styling chair and so on. To begin with it’ll just be Sally dealing with all these customers, but later in the game you’ll be able to hire more staff: someone to wash hair, someone to dry hair and someone to make the coffee which you’ll serve to disgruntled customers when you’re getting run off your feet!

Once your customer is in the relevant chair, you’ll tap them to start proceedings. If they want their hair coloured, for example, their face will pop up and then you’ll tap the left and right buttons to see their hair in a variety of different colours. Each colour will be accompanied by a different facial expression from the customer. Pick the happiest face to give the customer what they want, and earn yourself an extra heart on their patience gauge whilst you’re at it. Get it kind-of-OK and their hearts will stay the same. Screw up, and they’ll lose a heart. Customers have five hearts, the more they have when leaving the salon the more money you’ll make in tips. If a customer gets down to zero, they’ll walk out and you’ll be penalised.

As I touched on earlier, you can have a coffee machine in your salon to help cheer up the customers. However, you have to purchase this from the upgrades screen. This is why it’s vital to get as many tips as possible; not only do you need a minimum score to pass the level, the more money you have the more upgrades you can buy. These include the coffee machine, hiring additional staff, purchasing more comfortable furniture, which increases customer patience, and much more. All of these will help keep your head above water when you’re drowning in customers – but don’t get complacent! By the time you have lots of upgrades you’ll have so many customers that you’ll need to bribe them with coffee just to stop them walking out.

The only negatives are the fact that sometimes the game isn’t very responsive when you’re tapping the screen. You might find yourself having to tap a customer two or three times before anything happens, which naturally ruins the speedy flow of the game. Also, there is no high score function or social connectivity, which is a shame. You’re given awards for completion of certain areas, but there’s no real function for them.

Overall, Sally’s Salon is a great fun game. There are two game modes and over 50 levels, which make it superb value as it took me quite a while to complete. It’s a fab title for five minutes play here and there, or even for longer periods of time. The graphics and sound are also well done and it’s highly addictive. Bottom line: if you’re a fan of the Time Management genre, do yourself a favor and grab it for your iDevice!


App Summary
Title: Sally’s Salon Developer: RealNetworks, Inc.
Reviewed Ver: 1.1.10 Min OS Req: 2.2.1
Price: $0.99 App Size: 8.2 MB
  • Easy to pick up
  • Nice graphics
  • Cool sound effects
  • Fun gameplay
  • Tons of levels
  • Great price
  • No highscores/social connectivity
  • Game response can be poor


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