ID’s Rage screams on the iPhone 4

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iPhone FPS fans have plodded through a dearth of games for far too long. Sure, there have been some hits, but be honest: they aren’t exactly magical. Sure, there is Wolfenstein 3D Classic, Rise of the Triad, Doom Classic, and a handful of other ported titles out there, but not a one really screams, ‘gotta have it!’

Mark my words: Rage’ll be different. It’s tailored for the iPhone and iPad, sports good controls, and looks freakin’ amazing while sliding silkily on at 60 FPS on the iPhone 4. At the moment, Rage is still a tech demo, so you and I will have to wait a bit. Thankfully, Rage is scheduled to be slotted in at the App Store later this year. It’s also rumoured to come at a very competitive price.

RageGame has got all the gore on this upcoming title.

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