Complaining about your expensive data plan? How would you feel about a $17400 monthly bill?

Almost a year ago, when I was just starting to write for TMA, I ran a story about a poor sod who ran into an almost $15000 data charge due to a bug in Safari that continued streaming video from Youtube even after Safari was closed. Well, this record has just been broken! After a measely 4 hour session on the internet, a user got stuck with a whopping  $17500 bill!

I’m sure there is a conspiracy between cell phone operators that put obscene data charges for roaming. In this age of globalization it feels you should be able to safely navigate the internet on the go without worrying about excessive charges, regardless of where you are. In an ideal world, right…

The family of a Penny Estate Realty employee was enjoying a well-deserved vacation in Egypt. And while there her son decided to use the awesome power of the Jesus phone and do some internet browsing. The 4-hour session, which would normally cost about $5 back home, ended slapping the corporation with a whopping 522 000 rubles (about $17 500) bill. The discussion between the corporation and the cell operator took an even grimmer turn when Vimpelcom offered to write down the debt in exchange for exclusive access to the business centers and cottages, offered by the realty company.

At the moment Penny Estate Realty have already severed the ties with Vimpelcom and moved to it’s competitor for corporate mobile phone services. And while the press secretary of Vimpelcom denies claims of blackmail it remains to be seen whether the situation can be handled out of court.


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