Windows 7 Tablet vs iPad [Video]

Ever wondered how a Tablet powered by Windows 7 will stack up against the almighty iPad? A youtube video was uploaded recently showcasing the 10″ Hanvon Touchpad and it’s Windows 7 OS. Simple tasks like web browsing, going on youtube and Google Earth and typing an email are compared side-by-side. Surprisingly, the Hanvon tablet holds its own and Win 7 is quite responsive, giving the impression that it’s a fairly solid tablet. Of course, it’s still not an iPad, even if it does come with a camera, SD card slot, a trackpad and USB ports…

Whether an OS meant for a desktop can really compete with one specifically built for a mobile platform is another debate altogether, but shigzeo feels there really isn’t much competition.

Full video after the break!

[ATD via Giz]
  • The Steve Jobs voice dubbing is amazing: he is whitewashed by his own products. But the end bit is the reason a Windows 7 pad won’t work: not a single interface element has been designed to allow users to get to where they want to go without needing the screen. Change a setting? same thing.

    It isn’t about USB – plug that baby in and realise that just like the iPad, it isn’t a real USB port, supplying the bare minimum of power and probably draining the power just as fast.

    The camera I concede, should have been in the iPad from the start – that is a shameless loss for Apple.

    The mousepad? What in the hell is that? Laughable on a touch screen. No self-respecting touch screen should need one… oh, unless you have to needle finger the screen.

    These things come out and everyone will realise within short order that Windows 7 in its current form, is useless for the small touch market.

    I’ll be looking to WebOS to supply a good tablet, till then, it is just a feature brouhaha that will end as soon as people really USE the devices.

  • Louis

    Totally agree with USB front. The battery life can’t be good to begin with (in fact, I’ve read somewhere that it’s only good for 3 hours on a single charge), so if you start plugging in ext. devices that require relative amount of juice, that will only make matters worse.

    And yes, what the hell is a mousepad doing on the corner there? Isn’t the point of the touchscreen just that?

    The Hanvon tablet is probably a decent product, but I think I’ll stick with the iPad for time being :)

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