Average Selling Price: iPhone worth 8 Nokia or 2 Blackberry phones

The iPhone's ASP nearly totals the competition

The ever-resourceful @DaringFireball got me onto a clever fellow by the name of Horace Dediu who runs asymco, a quirky but engaging mobile-focused blog. He does a lot of his own research, loads his site with great articles, and gets clicks. This one just happens to be his research on the average selling price (ASP) of  mobile phone competitors: Nokia, Apple, LG, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericcson, and RIM. The results are sour grapes for most of the companies; only Apple and RIM come away without looking foolish.

More after the gap:

Of course, all this comes on the cusp of Android VS iPhone sales, market dominance, and app stipends. A lot of the phones represented in asymco’s graphs run dime-a-dozen OS’es. Apple and Blackberry are indeed doing well; their products don’t drag down the bottom line. The reason? They run their own successful proprietary operating systems. They don’t have to compete with every other ‘me too’ manufacturer who one-up’s the competition by adding a rubber back and a new icon.

Of course, RIM are in trouble, but they’ve been able to ride the wave of success this long because they offer a unique product that competes on its own terms, not on the terms dictated by scratchy, ubiquitous OS’es the likes of which Google and Microsoft like to trumpet. While peons like us wet our panties talking about sales, there is nothing at all sexy about the best selling anything. Quality speaks for itself and ASP is one indication of quality.

Thank you asymco.

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