iPhone users busier in the bedroom

Who’d ever have guessed that the iPhone’s not only great as a smartphone, but also at getting sex? Online dating site OkCupid recently conducted an in depth study dubbed “Don’t be ugly by Accident”, whereby hundreds of photographs were analyzed along with camera models, aperture, flash, focus and other good stuff. Among the data were stats for Sexual Activity by Smart phone brand and you can guess which device won out. Men who own an iPhone had on average 10 sexual partners by the time they turned 30, whereas women had 12.3 partners. By contrast, Android users “only” had 6 in the same time frame and Blackberry owners found themselves smack in the middle.

So what does this all mean? Not much if you don’t care to boost your partner count. If on the other hand you’re single and hoping for a bit more action, dump your Android phone/ Blackberry and grab that iPhone 4, STAT!

In other news today…birth rates around the world are at an all time high. Back to you Billy Bob…

[TIME via Holy Kaw]

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