iOS 4.1 Beta 3 for iPhone & iPod Touch is out – big, scary changes ahead

Just kidding on the latter part :) But who should really beware the latest beta of Apple’s next iOS are jailbreakers, because there’s a large probability that the PDF exploit that Comex’s uncovered in JailbreakMe will be patched. 3G users of course, hope that the next release will fix the appaling performance of iOS 4.0 on their beloved phones. Oh yes, Game Center, too, could be nice. Speaking of which – reports indicate that it’s support seems to have been dropped for the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G in iOS 4.0 – a very sad piece of information indeed, especially considering the large user base (which developers are keen to code for) represented by those two pieces of hardware.

And while we wait for the final version be sure to check out the overall list of identified changes in 4.1 beta after the gap.

  • Signal Bars fixed and taller
  • New Baseband (02.07.01)
  • Game Center is back with new look (It’s not supported on iPhone 3G & iPodTouch 2G)
  • Camera Switch and Flash buttons reposition in landscape mode
  • You can now choose to add Favorite as voice or FaceTime.
  • Spell Check can be turned off in Settings
  • FaceTime and Game Center Parental Controls
  • Full Bluetooth AVRCP Support
[via machackpc]

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