Zen Bound 2 Universal in Review – The beloved pastime of Tibetan monks

If you’re looking for some of the most mystical people on planet Earth, you certainly won’t go wrong with the monks of Tibet. The secluded bald men, who spend most of their time in meditation and obscure rituals, have been the target of fascination for decades. Well, the same state of heightened awareness and calmness – almost unheard of in the heat of modern life – can now be easily attained by playing Zen Bound 2 Universal from Secret Exit Ltd.

It’s impossible to identify the genre of Zen Bound 2, but the developers themselves call it a puzzle game. The goal is wrapping rope around various shapes. How interesting could that be, would you ask? The immense success of Zen Bound™ (TMA review) says – very!

While the idea seems to be simple at first, it quickly turns out not to be as easy in reality. As already noted above you have to wrap the statue in rope to “paint” over it as much as possible. Typical coverage required to finish a level varies from about 70% for one flower to 99% for three. And as soon as you see some of the more tricky sculptures you’ll understand that getting that last flower is certainly far from being easy.

For additional variety there are paint bombs on some levels to help in your difficult task. These can either be affixed to random places on the rope or stuck on the shape itself using pins. Once you hit one of such bombs you’ll be rewarded by a significant splash of paint, significantly increasing your coverage of the statue.

Zen Bound 2 offers over 100 levels split into several trees, with more complex ones unlocked as you gather flowers for the successful completion of previous levels. A nice touch is the inclusion of all of the levels from the original game – with updated graphics for all and new modes of gameplay for certain levels. Oh yeah, and speaking of graphics, Zen Bound 2 is definitely one of the most beautiful games I’ve ever seen on the iDevice. Even on my older iPhone 3G the quality is such that it’s easy to forget there isn’t a real live statue spinning inside the iDevice. And on the newer devices the quality is simply breathtaking.

And I implore you to heed the notice that Zen Bound 2 is designed for headphones. The game features the surreal and meditative soundtrack by Ghost Monkey, bringing you in just the right mood to fully experience the game.

But wait, there’s more! I have just realized I haven’t said a word about the interface. It’s simply gorgeous in its simplicity. You can spin the statues using one finger or rotate it using two. You can even tilt the iDevice to control how the rope orients itself. A great feature is the seamless switch between portrait and landscape mode, which can even put the stock Apple apps to shame with its speed and fluidity.

And last, but certainly not least, I have to note that Zen Bound 2 is a universal application, meaning it will run both on the iPhone and iPad, which is an increasingly rare move from developers. More often than not, they simply slap HD to the end of their titles and resell it for an extra profit. With such an excellent feature, I did miss the ability to sync save games between them though.

Zen Bound 2 Universal is one of the games that I will use to show the true capabilities of the Jesus phone to the envy of all my friends. It manages to combine sight, sound and feel like no other game can (with an exception of a personal favourite of mine – Auditorium (TMA Review) ) to create the perfect atmosphere of calm serenity. Secret Exit took the formula that brought success to the original game and expanded it in all ways possible, including superb visuals and spreading the game across all iDevices on the market.

With this I declare Zen Bound 2 Universal officially touched!

App Summary
Title: Zen Bound 2 Universal Developer: Secret Exit Ltd.
Reviewed Ver: 2.0.0 Min OS Req: 3.1
Price: $2.99 App Size: 151.78MB
  • Over 100 levels
  • Beautiful graphics and fluid interface
  • Atmospheric music
  • Universal app
  • No save syncing between iPhone and iPad


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