Farewell Again, Michael Jackson a.k.a. Dancing Zombie

In an update that combined unexpected crashing and the disappearance of the beloved iconic Dancing zombie from their iPhone version, fans are up in arms over Popcap Games’ upsetting ‘business decision’ to remove the Thriller-era Michael Jackson lookalike from the roster of the lovable undead in Popcap Games’ runaway tower defense hit, Plants vs. Zombies (TMA review)

Acting on the request of the Estate of Michael Jackson, the developers have promptly given the Dancing Zombie a makeover with a new one and ramped up the update with 12 new iPhone exclusive achievements and bug fixes.

According to the Plants vs Zombies’ Almanac, “Any resemblance between Dancing Zombie and persons living or dead is purely coincidental.” Ironically, the original PC game was released on May 5, 2009, just a little over a month before Michael Jacksons’s death on June 25. Despite the disclaimer and fans’ reactions saying that the Dancing Zombie was meant as a tribute to Jackson, it seems his heirs are not happy about the resemblance to MJ’s iconic look in the groundbreaking Thriller video of the 1980s.

Future builds of the game for the iPad, PC/Mac and mobile devices are expected to write the original Dancing Zombie out of the game for good.

Plants vs. Zombies PopCap Games, Plants vs. Zombies (TMA review), 43.0 MB – $2.99
Plants vs. Zombies HD PopCap Games, Plants vs. Zombies HD (TMA Review), 49.7 MB – $9.99

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