Friday Freebie Roundup – 1112 Episode 01, Highborn and Zombie Shock

Just in time for the next round of iPhone 4 launches worldwide, a bunch of excellent games have just been set free for 24 hours. And when I say excellent, I MEAN excellent! Are you still reading the intro and not the full story? Then shame on you! To give you a snippet of what’s in store after the gap – an excellent adventure 1112 episode 01, a superb turn-based strategy and a fun and addictive side-scroller.

1112 episode 01

To start things of we have the first adventure game, originally developed for the iDevice – 1112 episode 01. If you fancy a good adventure this is definitely one you should try out, especially since the developers are working on a complete redesign of the interface to be released in the next couple of months as a free upgrade to make it even better. And don’t forget, the sequel is already available for both iPhone (1112 episode 02TMA Review) and iPad (1112 episode 02 HD)!

1112 episode 01 Agharta Studio, 1112 episode 01, 137.65MB – Free
1112 episode 02 Agharta Studio, 1112 episode 02, 91.80MB – $4.99
1112 episode 02 HD Agharta Studio, 1112 episode 02 HD, 154.65MB – $7.99


Next we have the excellent turn-based strategy Highborn that has been recently reviewed by your’s truly. It is one of the better strategy games on the platform and a must-have for free. Here’s a quote form the review if you’re too lazy to read the full thing:

Highborn throws in the pot excellent game design and storywriting, with detailed and lovingly drawn graphics to come out with a cooked meal worthy of the best chef in the world – a top-notch turn-based tactical strategy game. The only real issue is the poor performance on older iDevices and some minor frustrations, like no attack power indication or Facebook-only multiplayer. In all other respects this is definitely a must-have for both casual and die-hard adepts of iDevice gaming.

And if you’re a lucky owner of an iPad you can pick up the HD version for a measely three bucks, just released today.

Highborn Jet Set Games, Highborn, 66.96MB – Free
Highborn HD Jet Set Games, Highborn HD, 73.86MB – $2.99

Zombie Shock

And last, but certainly not least, we have a special treat for all those with a taste for mindless destruction – Zombie Shock (TMA Review). This is an unusual take on the side-scrolling genre, with you controlling a scientist running away from an insane asylum and have to defend yourself from the enemies catching up to you from behind. I finished my review with the following summary a few months ago:

Zombie Shock is an above average side-scroller that stands out thanks to excellent graphics, polished gameplay and original mechanics. The nicely laid-out storyline brings extra charm to the game with the last scene leaving you hungry for more. At the same time Zombie Shock could really use some interface tweaks. The current set-up constantly making me feel I ought to have an extra hand. Regardless, it is one of the better titles out there and is a definite recommendation for all the zombie-fans/haters out there.

Zombie Shock BLUE WIND, Zombie Shock, 46.50MB – Free

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