Gameloft’s HD Sale: Brothers in Arms 2 HD, Iron Man 2 HD and Shrek Kart HD now $0.99

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Gameloft has just announced some excellent deals for the iPad. Brothers In Arms 2: Global Front HD, Iron Man 2 for iPad and Shrek Kart ® HD are all on sale for a measly dollar. B.I.A 2 and Iron Man 2 are both solid action titles for the iPad and Shrek Kart is easily one of the most fun kart racing games on the device. Needless to say, if you’re looking to load up on quality games on your iPad, don’t miss out on this great limited time offer.

And if you don’t have an iPad, Gameloft has also dropped prices (also $0.99) on two of their iPhone hits: Brain Challenge 2: Think Again! and NFL 2010.

Brothers In Arms® 2: Global Front HD

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The highly acclaimed Brothers in Arms series returns for its most compelling battle yet amidst the fires of WWII.

For the first time, challenge up to 5 friends to multiplayer battles on a variety of five maps in 3 different modes (Free For All, Team Deathmatch, Domination). You can connect locally via Bluetooth or even go online with Wi-Fi to battle friends anywhere.

Experience every front of the war with battles raging across 5 locations and 13 levels: Pacific, Normandy, North Africa, Germany, Sicily.

Brothers In Arms® 2: Global Front HD Gameloft, Brothers In Arms 2, 263 MB – $0.99 (was $6.99)

Shrek Kart HD

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The popular Shrek Kart® game is now on the iPad for even more ogre-the-top racing action!
Vie for the title of Kingdom’s Fastest Kart Racer as you speed through HD environments throughout Far Far Away and beyond in highly-detailed karts! Check out the new iPad features like the redesigned mini-map and new customizable interface!

Shrek Kart ® HD Gameloft, Shrek Kart ® HD, 96.4 MB – $0.99 (was $4.99)

Iron Man 2 for iPad

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Suit up and rocket into the action as Iron Man or War Machine in the official movie game on iPad.

Play as Iron Man for speed and agility or suit up as War Machine for maximum firepower. Both suits offer easy-to-learn controls and the ability to run, hover and fly at will. You’ll also have the chance to jump into the Mark IV, Mark VI, Stealth and underwater suits. Whether you prefer to pound your foes in melee combat with your fists or to lay down the destruction from a far with your weapons, you can upgrade your suit after each stage with improved weaponry and abilities to devastate your foes.

Iron Man 2 for iPad Gameloft S.A. , Iron Man 2 for iPad, 212 MB – $0.99 (was $6.99)

Brain Challenge 2: Think Again!

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Think you know everything about brain training? Think Again!

Brain Challenge 2: Think Again! is the latest entry in the most comprehensive brain training franchise on iPhone and iPod touch, providing a total brain workout. Train your brain in the classic brain exercise categories: Memory, Visual, Logic and Math as well as innovative categories exclusive to Gameloft’s Brain Challenge franchise: Stress Training, Focus and never seen before on iPhone, Visual training.

Brain Challenge 2: Think Again! Gameloft, Brain Challenge 2: Think Again!, 127 MB – $0.99 (was $4.99)

NFL 2010

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Enjoy a 100% authentic NFL game experience with real teams, real players and real action. Whether you’re are a fan of the Steelers, Cardinals or Cowboys, you can lead your favorite team through an entire season and battle for the ultimate prize: The Super Bowl.

NFL 2010 Gameloft, NFL 2010, 153 MB – $0.99 (was $2.99)

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