Share your doodles on the web in real time with WebPad

Ever thought of using your iPad to share hand-drawn messages or show off your artistic talents with friends and loved ones even though they’re miles away? And in real time to boot? Now you can with the newly released WebPad for the iPad, an innovative app that easily lets users sketch and draw on the device while others are watching on a web browser as it’s happening. Here’s how it works:

1. Start the App
2. Tell your friends the WebPad URL
3. Draw, doodle, write, drop in your thoughts on your iPad
4. Your iPad screen is being shown on the the webpad web page, realtime, stroke by stroke!

WebPad is rather basic in its features though (several colors and brush sizes are available), so don’t expect it to replace the likes of ArtStudio for iPad and SketchBook Pro anytime soon. Still the applications of WebPad are almost limitless, be it a professor making notes during a lecture and sharing them with his/her students or some bloke proposing to his girlfriend in “real-time” (probably not advisable). Take a look at the video showing the app in action after the break.

WebPad Ignition Soft Limited, WebPad – $4.99


★ Real-time sharing on web
★ Easy to use
★ Email sharing
★ Support any orientation, rotate WebPad to see the online canvas rotate with it
★ Your canvas is saved even you exit the app
★ Your can set your unique url name at WebPad site
★ The drawings can be saved with the browser
★ Draw anywhere, share anywhere
★ Extended feature on web site: comments, sharing and review painting!

A picture is worth a thousand words, indeed.


WebPad requires internet connection to function.

We recommend Firefox 3.5+, Safari 5, Chrome 5 for WebPad site.

Realtime painting work only on desktop browsers. Sorry, mobile Safari!

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