Freebies Roundup: BowQuest: PandaMania!, Virus Laboratory and more Free for limited time

This edition of our Freebies Roundup is stacked with a wide range of quality and noteworthy games, ranging from puzzlers, rpgs, action to even the time management genres. It’s easily one of the better roundups we’ve come across in the last little while. BowQuest: PandaMania!, a unique and mindlessly fun Castle Defense game with zany power ups is now free for all to enjoy on their iDevice. Virus Laboratory (TMA Review), a highly addictive match-3 and personal favorite of TMA’s very own Lucy Felthouse is also a freebie. And for those looking for deals on their iPad, Glyder 2 and Underworlds Ultimate Edition have joined the paid–>free crowd as well.

Lots of goodies can be found within, but as always, be sure to hurry as some of the freebie offers are only good for a very limited time!

BowQuest: PandaMania!

iPhone Screenshot 4

An evil thief has stolen your Fu Manchu right off your face, but lucky for you, you’re the most talented bowman in all the land. Use your superb archery skills to punish the evil bandits once and for all. Liberate villages all across the world, and let the bandits know that they messed with the wrong Panda!

So take aim, bowmaster! Destroy the horde of baddies to regain your honor and recover your Fu Manchu!

BowQuest: PandaMania! FizzPow Games, Inc , BowQuest: PandaMania!, 18.1 MB – Free

Glyder 2 for iPad

iPad Screenshot 4

Soar through the skies and swoop through tight caverns to explore six wondrous worlds. Customize your adventure by uncovering and collecting all new sets of wings and outfits.

In Glyder’s open expansive world, choose your own game experience: explore at your own place without time constraints or tackle goal-oriented achievements and challenges!

Glyder 2 for iPad Glu Games Inc , Glyder 2 for iPad (TMA iPhone Review), 96.6 MB – Free

Underworlds Ultimate Edition (iPad only)

iPad Screenshot 2

More about Gameplay
The experience you gain during your adventure lets you learn powerful offensive feats like Slash, Shield Bash, and Berserk or advance in the healing arts to gain Health and Vitality Boosts. As you increase in level, you can upgrade your existing Feats or add new ones. The active combat feats feature graphically stunning on-screen special effects to help make your battles even more heart-pounding and exhilarating.

Underworlds Ultimate Edition Pixel Mine , Underworlds Ultimate Edition, 126 MB – Free

Virus Laboratory

iPhone Screenshot 1

Virus Laboratory is an exciting block breaking game.
Your aim is to remove the viruses when they are close to other same color viruses, and don’t let the viruses overflow the board.
Killed viruses will be stored up in store room,  and you can convert them to different medicines!

Virus Laboratory Seller: Hong Fai Wong , Virus Laboratory (TMA Review), 6.8 MB – Free

Ancient War

iPhone Screenshot 2

As the god of an ancient tribe, you must lead your followers to conquer their world. Now, command wardens, infantry, hunters, cavalry, wizards, catapults, and even trained dinosaurs to crush enemy tribes’ defenses and destroy their totems!

Upgrade your units to take advantage of advances in technology! Unlock new troops and upgrade their attributes! Watch your units transform as they level up!

Ancient War Triniti Interactive Limited, Ancient War, 11.1 MB – Free

Hollywood Hospital

iPhone Screenshot 2

There’s trouble in paradise. A virus has broken out and transformed Hollywood’s residents into larger than life movie characters, with Rambones and LockJaws roaming Sunset Boulevard. It’s up to Dr Mathers Storm, award-winning Surgeon at Hollywood Hospital, and his crack team of super-smart medical experts to diagnose, scan, treat, prod, poke and cure the not-so glamorous patients. Get them comfortable, diagnosed, treated and discharged fast enough for you to make it onto the red carpet.

Hollywood Hospital Zed Worldwide, S.A. , Hollywood Hospital, 14.2 MB – Free

Hamster Panic

iPhone Screenshot 4

Take your balancing skills to the ultimate test!
Balance the hamster, avoid obstacles, jump while balancing and more!
(Tilt the device or touch and slide on the screen to control)

Each level brings a different kind of challenge. This is no ordinary balancing game!

Dodge the flying toast, avoid the curious cat and don’t get stung by the bee!

Hamster Panic afzainizam zahari, Hamster Panic, 4.8 MB – Free

Castle Smasher

iPhone Screenshot 1

Ready, set, aim!

Load your catapult and SLING BOULDERS at your enemies castles on a quest to CONQUER the kingdom. Castle Smasher v2 is the NEW, UPDATED and ULTIMATE VERSION of the original web game that started a whole new sub-genre of catapult games back in 2007.

Travel from castle to castle, challenge new tribes and rescue prisoners in this extended version packed with THREE game modes. Can you master the art of TEARING DOWN enemy walls?

Castle Smasher Swedish Game Development AB, Castle Smasher, 4.7 MB – Free

William Tale

iPhone Screenshot 3

Three games in one shot! Play legendary archer to beat 3 challenging games – “Apple or Head?”, “Apple Shooter” and “Farm Defense”!

How to play:
1. Tap and hold to angle your shot and determine your power.
2. “Apple or Head?” game – shoot the apple on your friend’s head. Be careful not to hurt him!
3. “Apple Shooter” game – shoot as many apples as you can with limited amount of arrows.
4. “Farm Defense” game – birds and boars are trying to steal your grain. Shoot them to protect your farm.

William Tale Nebula Soft Inc , William Tale, 9.3 MB – Free

Deadly Dungeon

iPhone Screenshot 3

Deadly Dungeon is a hack and slash game.
Discover the Dungeons and kill all the evil forces you find!


– 8 levels
– 3 enemy types: Skeletons, Ogres and Goblins
– Collect gold to unlock extra playable Female Warrior and extra swords
– 4 magic spells per playable character
– Great 3d art/animations, music and sound effects

Deadly Dungeon Reinaldo Pires , Deadly Dungeon, 30.8 MB – Free

3D Space Combat: Battle for Vesta

iPhone Screenshot 4

Battle for Vesta is a fully 3D space combat simulator set in an asteroid field. If you want a sci-fi adventure in your pocket that boots fast and let’s you get right to playing, Battle for Vesta is for you.

The game features:
– Fast, retro cool 3D graphics
– Intuitive, accurate touch controls
– 3D sound effects and iPod playthrough (listen to your own music)
– Two gameplay modes: Story and Survival

3D Space Combat: Battle for Vesta Insight Industries , 3D Space Combat: Battle for Vesta, 1.7 MB – Free

Cubes 3D Revolution

iPhone Screenshot 1

New era of Match 3 games comes, now in 3D. Meet the revolutionary Match 3 game.

You’ll be surprised how familiar and absolutely new at the same time gameplay can be. Match sets of 3 or more cubes of the same color as you used to. But innovative game mechanics amazingly broaden the gameplay to real 3 dimensions. Look out for combinations exploring sides of cubes by titling iPhone/iPod Touch and turn cubes by sliding them with fingertips

Cubes 3D Revolution Konstantin Tarovik, Cubes 3D Revolution, 14.6 MB – Free

Turbo Duck

iPhone Screenshot 1

It’s bath-time in your pocket with Turbo Duck for the iPhone/iPod touch.

Guide Turbo Duck around the pool using the iPhone’s accelerometer and touch-screen controls. Collect the flags to gain extra time, while avoiding the toy boats, submarines, mines and other hazards that slowly fill the pool. Make use of your Duck’s amazing turbo boost for extra speed. (Trust me you don’t want to know how he does it!)

Turbo Duck Strawdog Studios Ltd, Turbo Duck, 6.4 MB – Free

I Love Traffic

iPhone Screenshot 1

Ready to make traffic flow? Take on the roads as you direct traffic through congested intersections and save drivers from utter peril. Feed cars, trucks, and ambulances through dangerous intersections and conquer the road from a different angle. Bring on the challenge from the original Flash game, now on your iPhone and iPod Touch!

I Love Traffic Armor Games Inc , I Love Traffic, 7.5 MB – Free

Attack Submarine

iPhone Screenshot 2

Attack Submarine is a horizontal scrolling, arcade shooting game, in the game, you take the role of a super submarine captain,driver your submarine to eliminate all the invading enemys, in the space, surface of the water and under the water, dangerous enemies in everywhere. You should control your submarine very carefully, escape the enemy wave after wave of attacks, Firing torpedoes, missiles, bombs to destroy all enemies.

Attack submarine Qiao Jin, Attack submarine, 9.9 MB – Free

Pup Darts

iPhone Screenshot 1

Imagine it. You’re sitting in the pub with the guys… an ice-cold beer in one hand, iPhone in the other. You’ve talked about all the footy, imagined all the girls. Now it’s time to play Pub Darts!

Set in a traditional English country pub, this chilled-out classic game lets you get in and throw some darts in next to no time. With gorgeous rich graphics and a turn-based multiplayer mode don’t be surprised if you find yourself flashing this app off to colleagues or co-workers by the water-cooler. Especially as it features boss mode!

Pub Darts Richard Warrender , Pub Darts, 0.8 MB – Free

Pee Monkey Toilet Trainer

iPhone Screenshot 1

Test your precision peeing skills in a familiar environment: the toilet!

Your task sounds easy: help PeeMonkey pee into the toilet, but there are some complications:
• Due to some medical mystery, PeeMonkey can’t stop peeing!
• He’s sliding back and forth on a bar of soap at neck-breaking speeds!
• The pee-level in the room is getting dangerously close to that power outlet!

Pee Monkey Toilet Trainer Exoweb Ltd., Pee Monkey Toilet Trainer, 4.3 MB – Free

Fast Food Nation

iPhone Screenshot 1

Become a kitchen fast food master with Fast Food Nation.Customize your character and follow him to his rise to fame! Master all the elements: ads, menu prices, ingredients, size and look of your kitchen. Be aware of the day’s goal and try to make your customers happy!

Fast food nation is an addictive game where you must cook and serve your customers’ orders as fast as possible in order to make a bigger tip and some good sales.

Fast Food Nation Seller: Linart, SNC , Fast Food Nation, 19.2 MB – Free

Cat Physics

iPhone Screenshot 4

What are cats up to at dawn, when nobody’s around?

Sneaking around the back alleys? Probably!
Going through garbage cans? Not likely!
Playing Donut Games? Most certainly!

Join the cats in their favorite midnight ball game: CAT PHYSICS!

The objective is simple — Pass the ball from one cat to another!

Sounds too simple?
Oh, wait… did we mention flip boards, glass windows, trap doors and other obstacles?

Cat Physics Swedish Game Development AB , Cat Physics, 5.8 MB – Free

AdSudoku Full Version

iPhone Screenshot 1

What is sudoku?

A number puzzle in which the numbers 1 through 9 must be placed into a grid of cells so that each row or column contains only one of each number.

ADSudoku Full Version wei liu, ADSudoku Full Version, 9.2 MB – Free

Kodix – Break the Code

iPhone Screenshot 1

Kodix is an amazingly fun, and challenging brain teaser that hails from the code-breaking board game, Mastermind. Unveil your inner codebreaker and use your most cunning powers of deduction to reveal a hidden code!

The game is perfectly designed for the iPhone, and just like brain teasers such as Sudoku, you must guess at a sequence of numbers(or symbols), while using clues to solve each puzzle.

Kodix - Break the code! Innovative Micro Solutions, Kodix – Break the code!, 7.8 MB – Free


iPhone Screenshot 2

Do you like match 3 games? Then you will LOVE 7-11-21 – the totally addicting and new kind of ‘Match 3’ game.

The rules are simple, the replay value is endless.

Choose 3 or more numbered tiles that are next to each other and add to 7, 11, or 21 before any tiles reach the top.

7-11-21 288 Vroom LLC, 7-11-21, 5.8 MB – Free

Dark Nova

iPhone Screenshot 3

Dark Nova is the essential single-player role-playing game we’ve all been waiting for on the iPhone. A real-time expansive universe consisting of over 100 star systems, each with many planetary bodies make this a game that you don’t master in short order. Buy and sell goods between star systems, make a profit and try to avoid the Police along the way…if you can. Become a trader, a pirate, or a mercenary for hire. There’s a market for all professions.

Dark Nova Shon Burton , Dark Nova, 13.5 MB – Free

Dark Nova HD Shon Burton , Dark Nova HD, 21.9 MB – Free

Birdie In Trouble

iPhone Screenshot 2

Our little new born birdie, fell off his nest and tries to find his way home. As he still didn’t learn how to fly, he needs to go through a long journey jumping onto the leafs. Might sound easy, but not each leaf is the same and causes our birdie to jump to another leaf, fall down, some needs to be jumped with an order.

Birdie In Trouble Ozden Irmak, Birdie In Trouble, 10.9 MB – Free

Doodle Block: The vertical limit

iPhone Screenshot 3

It’s a type of game of great challenges.

by tapping the screen to put the different shape of blocks, you should put all the blocks within the set time, you can control you iphone by motion with your hand to keep balance of the stack of blocks, and avoid falling down of the stack of blocks and maintain balance for three seconds, thus succeed.

Doodle Block: The vertical limit Qiao Jin , Doodle Block: The vertical limit, 4.5 MB – Free


iPhone Screenshot 1

Sugokei is a number puzzle similar to sudoku.

To solve the puzzle you need to find the missing numbers so the sum of each row, column and diagonal match the end numbers. Numbers cannot be repeated within the puzzle.

Sugokei Puzzle Sizes.
3×3, solve with numbers 1 to 9.
4×4, solve with numbers 1 to 16.
5×5, solve with numbers 1 to 25.
6×6, solve with numbers 1 to 36.

Sugokei Julian Pointer, Sugokei, 0.3 MB – Free

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