Escape the Room: Magician’s WC in Review – A poor place to be stuck in…

The explosion of Flash based games these past few years has brought quite a few new genres to the market. One of which is the Escape the Room genre, a cross between adventure and puzzle games, that has even earned a right to its own section in our own Best Adventure games. The iDevice is still mostly devoid of the genre however, with rare examples creeping in. And one such game that is a recent addition to the App Store is Escape the Room: Magician’s WC .

Escape the Room: Magician’s WC is a typical representative of the lighter Escape the Room games. You wake up, dazed in an unfamiliar room and have to find a way out. An original twist in this case is the fact you’re locked in a toilet.

In your quest to find a way out you will have to scrutinize every screen at your disposal to hunt for available items. All of the puzzles in Magician’s WC are exclusively item based, which is quite unusual for the genre. On the other hand the iDevice specific features are used as well. The game has a couple of places where it relies on the timely use of the iPhone’s accelerometer to solve a puzzle for example.

The puzzles themselves are quite frustrating, with no apparent logic to many of them. This leads to having to try using just about every item on everything, which turns out not to be that much, since there are only 3 screens to worry about with a couple of close-ups on top of that. And here we come to the main bane of Magician’s WC – it is short. It is very very VERY short. Knowing the correct actions you can finish it in about 2 minutes, which is what I did when taking screenshots right before writing the review. No wonder the puzzles are so illogical, since they serve only to disguise the actual length of the game.

Technically the Magician’s WC is reasonably well done. The graphics are drawn in a nice cartoony style, reminiscent of the more recent Cartoon Network animations. I’d run into a couple of bugs which crashed the game, but nothing too serious, especially considering the overall length of the game.

In the end there’s really not much to say about Escape the Room: Magician’s WC. It is a typical member of genre, albeit a very short one. It is definitely far from being worth recommending, even at the price tag of $0.99. Were it FREE it could be worth picking for those unfamiliar with the genre. But even then the illogical puzzles may avert the casual gamer not only from the game, but from the genre as a whole.

With this I declare Escape the Room: Magician’s WC officially touched!

App Summary
Title: Escape the Room: Magician’s WCDeveloper: REDMADROBOT
Reviewed Ver:1.0Min OS Req:3.0
Price:$0.99App Size:7.79MB
  • Nice graphics
  • A beautiful assistant handing out panties
  • Frustratingly illogical puzzles
  • Very very VERY short


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