Twitepad In Review – All The Twitter Your Jesus Tablet Can Handle!

Twitepad is a Twitter client designed for your shiny new Jesus tablet, made to maximize what you can see and do on the popular social networking service. It offers column after column of content (similar to what you’ve seen in apps like TweetDeck) allowing you to keep up to date on all your twitter content in one fell swoop. Read on to see if i can sum up my experience in 140 or less.

Firstly, the design of Twitepad isn’t as straightforward as apps that I find appealing from a visual standpoint. I usually either like it or I don’t. In this case, there are elements that I like as well as ones that I don’t. I like most of the themes offered and the layout works really well with the device. However, I am not a fan of is the background image that you see when the app is loaded. It doesn’t go with the design at all in my opinion and actually makes Twitepad look like a lesser quality app, which it isn’t.

Now, normally you would just have to deal with it. The design is the design and thats all she wrote. This however is not the case here. A visit to the developer’s website and you’ll see how-to instructions for putting together your very own Twitepad theme. I haven’t had a chance to yet but the idea looks promising and I’m quite excited to do it.

Using Twitepad is relatively straightforward. There are a fair bit of buttons but most of them will be familiar to anyone who has used a Twitter app in the past. Instead of just a back and forth swiping motion to move around, you tap one of the triangles at the bottom of the screen in the direction you want to go. In case you’re wondering, sliding one way or another is actually the method for moving your columns around. That said, it would be more intuitive if finger swipes moves the screen left and right (to view more columns), rather than having to resort to the arrows. A feature I really like though is when you launch and everything is refreshed, you are shown a number at the top of each column, letting you know just how many new items there are for you to view. Not a huge feature by any means, but I love anything that makes my experience easier.

They have also managed to handle several common and frequent twitter tasks in great ways. For example, geotagging, which is something that is happening a lot more nowadays. Twitepad recognizes when it is present and will pop a little globe icon onto thte persons tweet. Tapping it will pop up a little map showing where the tag is located. As well, for things like urls, or images, instead of opening up right away, the app offers you a pop up preview that you can either close or tap to open in the main built-in browser.

Now it may take some time getting used to the interface. Most people are used to either using Twitter on its official website or on a smartphone, where you usually only see one column at a time. Moving from that to being able to see almost everything you could want to see on Twitter at once maybe a bit of information overload to some. Personally, it didn’t take me long to become accustomed to its layout. In fact, after using Twitpad for the past several days, going back to an app or Twitter’s site where there is only one column made me realize how much easier and more productive it is to have all your favorite columns in front of you.

Overall, I enjoy using Twitepad. It functions extremely well and I have yet to run into any problems. If you’re looking for a truly customizable Twitter client for that shiny new toy of yours, then I would encourage you to take a look at this one. For anyone that is still hesitant, there’s a free lite version (only one user account and one column is supported) available on the App Store as well for all to try out.

App Summary
Title: TwitepadDeveloper: Thomas Baltruschat
Reviewed Ver:1.31Min OS Req:
Price:$1.99App Size:4.2 MB
  • Truly customizable
  • Excellent use of space
  • Great UI features (e.g. Geotag handling)
  • Some standard design elements do not flow well with the app
  • Making themes might be too complicated for some


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