Updated: Freebies Roundup: Navy Patrol – Advanced Premium, Movie Challenge and more free for a limited time

Looking for quality iPhone games without spending a dime? We’ve got you covered with another edition of our Freebies Roundup. Navy Patrol: Advanced Premium (TMA Review), one of the more popular and content packed tower defense games on the App Store has dropped from $4.99 to free. With 3 warefare types (sea level, undersea and aerial varieties) and a good variety of upgradeable turrets to choose from, TD fans should enjoy this one. Also free is Movie Challenge (TMA Review), a great movie trivial game that features 10 different question categories and over 5000 original questions. Blast Off (TMA Review), a former PSP bestseller that has made its way onto the iDevice, joins the freebie crowd as well.

The complete roundup after the gap! (act fast though, as some of these will remain free for only a day)

Updated (July 19th)

Digital Heist

iPhone Screenshot 1

your programming skills have been turned against you…

a ring of hackers have exploited a weakness in your code, & have digitized your physical person. you have been forcefully uploaded into the mainframe of the united states federal reserve. now it’s you against the reserve’s security program. make off with the loot or remain trapped in the machine world… for all time.

Trinity Interactive, Digital Heist, 15.7 MB – Free

Globetrotters (iPad only)

iPad Screenshot 3

Super-addictive iPad-exclusive party game! Jump from planet to planet with 3 friends.

Boost from planet to planet with your jet pack-equipped astronaut. Try to catch the diamonds before any of up to three other players reaches them. Running on the surface of a planet slowly shrinks it until it is gone. The player who scores most diamonds in 5 rounds wins the game!

Globetrotters Fares Kayali , Globetrotters, 4.4 MB- Free

Flubby Physics

iPhone Screenshot 5

Baby Flubbies have wandered into a haunted mansion guarded by evil ghosts. Save the Flubbies before these ghosts haunt them to their end.

The devious ghosts have trapped the Flubbies within puzzles governed by the laws of physics. Think fast, tap away and bust these ghosts to crack these puzzles before its too late for the Flubbies.

Flubby Physics Tintash , Flubby Physics, 13.2 MB- Free

GroupSMS, Keypad, eMail – MyContact

iPhone Screenshot 1

★ Group eMail
– Create & Save Mass/Group email(Favorites)
– Reuse Mass/Group email(Favorites)
– One touch set : (To,Cc,Bcc)
– Handwritten & Drawing eMail

★ Mass/Group Text Message
– Create & Save Mass/Group SMS(Favorites)
– Reuse Mass/Group SMS(Favorites)

GroupSMS,Keypad,eMail-MyContact Banet.Co. , GroupSMS,Keypad,eMail-MyContact, 1.4 MB- Free


iPhone Screenshot 2

Who is the most popular on Google ?

Choose 2 words, names, or phrases and start the fight!
Organise crazy combats: vanilla versus strawberry, Godzilla versus King Kong, Obama versus Bush, or even you versus your worst enemy…

GooFight ICI, GooFight – Free

Navy Patrol: Advanced Premium

iPhone Screenshot 1

** Introducing ICS Mobile’s Breakthrough AWS™ Realtime 3D Fluid Simulation Engine

** 3 Warfare Styles:
√ Sea Level √ Undersea √ Aerial

** 9 Unique Upgradable Offensive Turrets
√ Fighter Jets Equipped Airfield √ Large Cruisers √ Mines √ Machine Gun Turrets √ Missile Turrets √ Attack Submarines √Infrared Laser √Quantum Laser √Leach Orb

** 8 Enemy Forces Including:
√ Submarines √ Fighter jets Equipped Aircraft carriers √ Dreadnoughts √ FAS

Navy Patrol: Advanced Premium ICS Mobile, Inc , Navy Patrol: Advanced Premium, 36.5 MB- Free

Movie Challenge (No longer free)

iPhone Screenshot 2

Presenting “Movie Challenge”, the most engaging and best selling Movie Trivia experience available on iPhone OS. Much more than multiple-choice, trickier than True or False, the varied and unique Game Types that make up “Movie Challenge” will keep you coming back for more.

“Movie Challenge” features ten different question categories based on Actors, Actresses, Horror, Sci-Fi, Comedy and more. So, whether you’re a fan of High School Musical or Harry Potter, Twilight or The Dark Knight, Watchmen or Iron Man, there’s sure to be questions perfect for you.

Movie Challenge Redwind Software, Movie Challenge (TMA Review), 27.7 MB- Free

Blast Off (No longer free)

iPhone Screenshot 2

Blast Off is an interstellar arcade game featuring gravity fields, lost astronauts and bizarre planetary systems.

Use your rocket ship to rescue astronauts and carry them through the warpgate to safety. But be careful! The ever-present force of gravity can help you on your journey, but can also bring you crashing down. Each planet and celestial body within a level has a gravity effect which must be accounted for. This gravity must be used to the player’s advantage in combination with rocket boost power and directional control.

Blast Off Halfbrick, Blast Off (TMA Review), 8.0 MB- Free

Gravity Sling Deluxe (No longer free)

iPhone Screenshot 1

This deluxe version is identical to the free version of Gravity Sling except in this version all In App Content is unlocked and fully available. This gives you 109 levels, both the original stationary levels, and the newest levels with moving planets. If you don’t have iPhone OS 3.0 or you’d rather not purchase via In App Purchase, then this version is the choice for you.

Gravity Sling Deluxe Riptide Games, Inc. , Gravity Sling Deluxe, 9.0 MB- Free

Finger Physics: Finger Fun

iPhone Screenshot 1

So what is Finger Physics?
It’s 23 Stages and 207 (my good god) levels of finger puzzling amazingness. It’s a word, trust us.


– 207 Levels with more added all the time (up from 81 at the initial launch)
– 7 game modes including tons of Egg levels – everyone’s favorite
– Exploding blocks
– Magnetized circles, squares and triangles
– Shapes that float and shapes that don’t
– Global leader board for free play levels
– Also starring Doodle the Doodler as himself!

Finger Physics: Finger Fun Mobliss Inc. , Finger Physics: Finger Fun, 13.3 MB- Free

Flipn’ Monsters!

iPhone Screenshot 3

Challenge your memory and quick fingers with an exciting new arcade memory game from The Laboratory! It’s an addicting twist on a classic game of memory!

★Arcade Mode: Test the speed of your fingers and your memory as you race the clock to earn points and rid your screen of monsters! Each round becomes more difficult. Match pairs back to back to earn extra points and unlock a Monster Flip (shake your phone to flip the monsters over for a sneak peek)! Be warned though, as you match pairs, cards will shift places, putting your memory to the ultimate test!

★Classic Mode: Warm up your fingers and mind with a relaxing game of memory. Compete for top times, or save your competitive streak for the main event, Arcade Mode!

Flipn' Monsters! The Laboratory , Flipn’ Monsters!, 10.4 MB- Free

Chain Link Pro

iPhone Screenshot 1

With no complex controls to learn or buttons to press, CHAIN LINK PRO only requires one finger to play. Touch and drag an assortment of shapes across the screen to chain them with other similar shapes and send them into the pulsating vortex to score. The longer the chain the more points awarded but long chains risk colliding with foreign shapes which will destroy the chain and potentially end the game. With four degrees of difficulty, players of any age can enjoy this game.

Chain Link Pro Joshua Levine , Chain Link Pro, 11.8 MB- Free

WordBlox (No longer free)

iPhone Screenshot 2

WordBlox is an addictive game in which you form words by aligning and rotating falling blocks. Words can be formed either vertically or horizontally. Use bonus items to help you. WordBlox is different from your usual “touch and form word game” and the best thing is it costs less than a Sandwich and lasts longer!

WordBlox Mokaza LTD , WordBlox, 13.5 MB- Free

Bowman Attack

iPhone Screenshot 1

Following the legendary defense of its last castle, the White Kingdom enjoyed a brief period of peace…

✓ turn-based gameplay inspired by SCORCHED EARTH™
✓ 4 characters, each with unique attributes
✓ assign your own skill points, and build an unrivaled warrior
✓ 15 distinct weapons
✓ 10 items with different effects
✓ 15 beautiful battlefields
✓ free play mode w/ 1-4 player pass & play
✓ a sequel to the app store classic, bowman defense

Bowman Attack Triniti Interactive Limited , Bowman Attack, 5.3 MB- Free

Mental Blocks

iPhone Screenshot 1

The object of MENTAL BLOCKS is simple; score as many points as you can by clearing all of the colored blocks from the playing grid. In order to remove a block, a matching block of the same color must be along side it. Group as many blocks of the same color together for the best strategy to maximize your score!

Each layout is randomly generated, so you’ll be able to play an unlimited number of levels! Each time the grid is successfully cleared you’ll advance to the next level. As you progress to higher levels, more and more blocks of additional colors will be added.

Mental Blocks® Skyworks Interactive, Inc. , Mental Blocks®, 2.3 MB- Free


iPhone Screenshot 1

GeoTron is a fast paced, skill driven, arcade shooter featuring dazzling graphics and an energetic retro soundtrack.

GeoTron features hours of fun and will bring back joyful memories of retro arcade style gameplay re-imagined with gorgeous graphics and updated play styles to keep it fresh and addictive. Challenge your friends to beat your high score or show off how long you can survive the constant threat of oncoming enemies.

GeoTron Ashley Chatfield, GeoTron, 6.7 MB- Free

Flip Zoo

iPhone Screenshot 3

Flip Zoo – a new and unique puzzle game where you save a variety of animals by the power of turning platforms on/off with a single touch of the screen.

Guide the animals to the exits to save them from dying in a number of terrible ways. Sound easy? But, nothing’s as easy as it looks in this puzzler.

Flip Zoo Distinctive Wireless Inc., Flip Zoo, 18.7 MB- Free


iPhone Screenshot 1

Test your nerves and your brain power as you race the clock to move triangles around a hexagon game board.

Work your way around locked Hexagons. Some are locked so they can’t move left, some can’t move to the right. Use bonus triangles to score 2x, 5x or 10x normal points. Use a 1Up triangle to add lives as you play. Rainbow color triangles are wild and can be used in any position when building a hexagon. Beat the clock or lose a life. Advance to progressively more challenging levels with more locks, less time and more complex patterns.

HexLok Tunaverse Media, Inc. , HexLok, 0.9 MB- Free


iPhone Screenshot 5

Welcome to Vext–the future of short messaging.

Vext is the dynamic new medium that consolidates voice and text messages into one fluent conversation, giving the user the choice of how to answer every message, every time.
No more praying to get the voicemail. Leave one every time. No more texting while driving. Choose the easiest way to answer your friends and family.

Vext allows you to record and send your voice in a convenient and quick playback format. No longer will you record your voice in one application, and search for the file to attach it in another.

Vext Turtle Apps, LLC , Vext, 0.7 MB- Free

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